Best Places for Pictures at Disneyland

Best Places for Pictures at Disneyland

Almost every year, Disney parks win the award for the place where most pictures are taken. There’s so much to look at and details everywhere. It’s truly the loveliest of places. Pictures are a sure way to remember the memories for your trip. I know the castle is the main focal point of Disney parks (and yes, take many pictures here) but there are also so many cool places to take pictures. Here are the best places for pictures at Disneyland.

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Best Places for Pictures at Disneyland

Walls, Walls Everywhere

It all started with the purple wall over at Disney World. But Disney walls have now become a thing and Disneyland has plenty. That’s from my favorite wall that’s located through the tunnels as you’re coming into Disneyland. It’s simple, perfect for a clean aesthetic. Probably the most popular wall is the Small World Wall. A wall with character, it’s blue and incorporates Small World’s facade, making it really cute.  And of course, there is the blue wall at California Adventure. (It’s now orange) Basically our response to the purple wall, still cool. Check this Instagram out! They are following all the walls even some from WDW.

Cars Land

If you’ve never been to Cars Land this might seem random but let me explain. It’s technically not in Disneyland, it’s over at California Adventure but it’s amazing. There are so many details throughout the whole land that are picture worthy. There’s no way you can go wrong here because there’s a spot everywhere. Plus, there are places that aren’t so heavy Disney branded so you can trick people you’re elsewhere.

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New Orleans Square

This is honestly my favorite place for pictures and just to hang out. It’s beautiful and it really makes you feel like you are in a completely different place. It’s charming and colorful and a gem compared to the rest of the park. There’s plenty of details and walls that you can take so many pictures. I just like to admire the view here. It can get a bit busy, but it’s so beautiful.

Mark Twain

The Mark Twain is a classic Disney spot. This is a perfect spot because it’s cute and romantic. It looks out to the water, so when it’s dark it looks so much more magical. Riding it around the Rivers of America is always a treat.

Grizzly Peak

I truly believe that California Adventure is full of hidden gems. Grizzly Peak is a tucked in this land in this park. It’s a charming part full of trees and natural sights. It’s also perfect for when you need a moment away from the crowds. This spot has grown on me a lot.


What are your best places for pictures at Disneyland?

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