Paper Towns Trailer Reaction + The Scorch Trials Thoughts

In the spirit of new series, I obviously had to make one for films and such, thus See for Yourself was born! In this series I’ll be talking about all things film related, so that’s fun. I’m starting off by talking about the Paper Towns Trailer and what’s going on with The Scorch Trails, so let’s begin!

Who doesn’t love a movie adaptation from John Green’s books? I’m anxiously awaiting to be casted as Alaska Young for Looking for Alaska *hint, hint casting directors* but Paper Towns is the film I’ll be rushing to this summer. I have to admit I was pretty nervous to see Cara Delevingne casted as Margo Roth Spiegelman just because I had such a distinct picture of Margo in my head that Delevigne didn’t fit and I just thought it would be weird seeing her opposite Nat Wolff. I was pretty darn nervous to see the trailer, but it surprisingly was great.

I haven’t read the book since last summer so I’m a little rusty on the story but I feel like it told the most important parts. The trailer keeps it fun and adventurous, instead of diving into Margo’s darkness. It definitely gave me hope for the actual film, although I still have some reservations but it seems youthful and will bring the book to life. However, I expect Margo’s hair to be short at some point of the film, so I hope that happens.


Ah, The Scorch Trials. I actually really liked the whole The Maze Runner book series and liked the first film so the fact that director Wes Ball and Dylan O’Brien said the second film will be different from the book makes me nervous, I mean you will know how I feel about the Divergent films. Ball said The Scorch Trails will have bits of the first book and things from the second book will be saved for the third film, so I’m confused and anxious to see how that turns out. There will probably be a whole lot of explanation and back story in The Scorch Trials, so maybe that’s what this means? All I know is that I need to see a trailer soon or I will freak.

Fan of either these films? Let me know your thoughts! What films will you be seeing this weekend? Remember: See for Yourself.

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