What I Learned in My First Year as a Post Grad

Things I Learned in College but Not in a Classroom

If you follow me on social media, especially Twitter, you will know that I’m about to graduate college. Although this whole time I just wanted to leave and graduate, the sadness is creeping in because I know I’ll be leaving a place that was my home for 4 years. I learned a lot through my more »

Sounds Round-Up: Spring Vibes

This sounds round-up is going to be about music that gives us those spring vibes. We all know that music can easily change the mood of anything, and since spring is the chill time before the energetic time of summer, it deserves a good playlist. Camera Obscura | French Navy Okay, so I heard this more »

Words: Talking With God | Adam Weber

Read or Dread: Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper

Picking my books lately, I’ve been gearing towards stories that are simple and exciting to just let me relax as I read. I picked up Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper, which is written by Hilary Liftin, and I thought I was going to be in for a simple, fun read but it was definitely more more »

4 Times Reality Bites Spoke to Twentysomethings

Reality Bites is a 90’s movie gem. Winona Ryder was definitely my favorite and Ethan Hawke as a existentialist bum, frustrated you in a funny way. But most importantly, this movie speaks to every twentysomething’s life as they graduate college. I mean, it captures the anxiety of growing up, finding a job, and basically living in more »

That Little Striped Dress

Ah, the joy of Spring. It basically means that I get to pair my black with another color. It’s just really hard to get away from black, considering that 95% of my closet is black. So it’s no surprise that I own tons of items that are black and white stripes. It gives me a pattern more »