Must-Have Spring Fashion

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. This is the best time for clothes in my opinion because it’s the perfect weather. I was about to quote Miss Congeniality but you know what I mean….

Travel Diary: Dallas

I went to Dallas! This year I’m traveling domestically a lot more and Dallas was my first stop. I’ve only been to El Paso and it was the quickest trip ever, so I was excited…

February in Review | ’20

POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS. It’s definitely going to be that kind of year that goes by fast. Last year January took forever but this year everything is at high speed. February was definitely a blur….

Why is Trusting God So Hard?

It’s kind of funny because figuring out what to do next or in our lives is something we ask God all the time. I know I do. I’m always asking God for guidance and to…