When No Place Feels Like Home

It’s a pretty normal longing to want to feel like you belong somewhere. Everyone wants to have a place that they know everything just falls into place and there are people that fully embrace you. Everyone wants to have the place,a church, a room, anything tangible that makes them feel at peace. If you’ve kept more »

Things Twentysomethings Should Learn to do Alone

Things Twentysomethings Should Learn to Do Alone

There’s no hiding it, twentysomethings, and millennials in general, right now aren’t always portrayed the best. The underlying thought is that we’re entitled and want things easily. Obviously it will be hard to change everyone’s minds about this but we can do things to better ourselves. Being a twentysomething is so confusing. Some people have it more »

Abi Ann

Sounds Spotlight: Abi Ann + Interview

Her new single “Future Ex-Boyfriend” is already making waves with its mix of electric guitars and a modern country sound. The Texas native has previously toured with Jesse McCartney and has won several awards like the coveted Artist of the Year for 2014 and Teen Artist of the Year for 2015 for the Indie Music more »

Words: Goliath Must Fall | Louie Giglio

Words: Goliath Must Fall | Louie Giglio

I received this book from BookLook for reviewing. All opinions are my own. The story of David and Goliath is probably one of the most known around the world. It’s a story of bravery that teaches us that we can overcome everything, no matter how large the problem is. Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio is about overcoming fears. What more »

You Can't Stop Seeking

No Puedes Dejar de Buscar

¿Alguna vez te has sentido bendecido? Estoy segura de que en un momento si. Es genial sentir cuando Dios viene y sentir que todo cae en su lugar. Sin embargo, a veces cuando somos bendecidos, damos gracias a Dios pero luego sentimos que no necesitamos llegar a Él tanto. Sé que he estado allí. Cuando more »

You Can't Stop Seeking

You Can’t Stop Seeking

Have you ever felt blessed? I’m sure you have at one point. It’s great to feel when God comes through and you feel everything fall into place. However, sometimes when we get blessed, we thank God but then we feel like we don’t need to reach out to Him as much. I know I’ve been more »

August in Review | '17

August in Review | ’17

Oh man, this month was a wild one for me. Looking back it is hard to believe that so many things happened in this month. All good things. Life has changed and I’m excited to see what’s to come. But as I wait and see what my next moves will be, here’s August in review. more »

Sounds: Currently Playing | August

Sounds: Currently Playing | August

Another month down and a lot of great music. I feel like this month I heard a lot of things but at the same time I didn’t. It’s strange. I also feel like I can’t keep up with all the new music and I just want to listen to it all. But now that summer more »

Fall Essentials + Wish List

Fall Essentials + Wish List

The leaves are starting to turn brown and pumpkin spice lattes are coming. Get ready for the best season with these fall essentials + wish list.