There is More – Brian Houston | Review

There is More – Brian Houston | Review
I received this book from Blogging for Books for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

If you’ve been following me online, you would know that I go to a Hillsong church. It’s been great. I’ve been following Hillsong ever since I became a Christian so I know all their stuff is great. Brian Houston has a new book coming out called, There is More. I absolutely loved Live Love Lead so I was excited to read this one. I love the idea that life doesn’t peak with God and there is always more that He has for us.

About the Book

There is More looks at what God can do with our lives. It brings back the whole idea that nothing is impossible with God and He still has so much more ahead of us. It’s not just about dreaming big and living the best life, but seeking God and wisdom. God is more than just someone granting our wishes, He wants more from us. In a way that we can live purposefully and with a true vision. The world can say no but God is the one that opens doors.


I’m a fan of wild stories and how someone made it from something small to something big. It’s amazing to see where Hillsong started and where it’s at. I don’t find it to be a cheesy “all your dreams will come true” kind of book but more of a reminder that God can still do something in your life. Essentially, it’s not over until God says it’s over. There’s still so much more ahead. The book overall is an easy read and filled with Biblical explanations and real life stories so it’s interesting to follow.

What books have you read lately?

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Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine

Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine



I love prepping myself in the new year and ready to face what’s to come. If you’ve been following for a while you know that I love makeup but decided to start taking care of my face a bit more. The thing is that I still need makeup. Finding makeup that lets my skin breathe and keeps me looking good can be hard! 2018 means Neu Year, Neu daily beauty routine!

My skin has been breaking out a lot more lately so it’s a struggle to put something on my face and wondering if it will do it good. And with work and starting my last semester of grad school, I need something quick but that takes care of my face. Neutrogena has the HydroBoost and SkinClearing collections that has makeup items that are taking care of your skin! They’re affordable and can easily be found at a Walmart near you.

Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine

Makeup Routine

My routine is simple because I have to be up and going early in the day. With everything, you start at the base. I have faint freckles and some dark spots so I want to make sure my skin looks even. To start, I use the SkinClearing Liquid Makeup in the shade fair (it’s winter y’all) and apply a layer to my face. I go in with the HydroBoost concealer under my eyes and use the SkinClearing mineral powder to top it off.

Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine

Dryness is one of my biggest issues and that extends to my lips. Finding good lip products that doesn’t dry my lips even more is super hard. I love the HydroBoost hydrating lip shine (I have the shade pink mocha) because it’s glossy without being over the top and I can wear it all day! The shade is a perfect simple shade that I can use everyday.

Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine

My favorite extra item is the SkinClearing blemish concealer. It’s my go to! One: you can carry it everywhere because it’s a slim tube. Two: it’s perfect for quick fixes. But on days where I really want to keep it super simple, I just use this and go. It keeps things natural and only fixes the spots that need help. It’s amazing!

What’s in your daily beauty routine? Don’t forget to check out the SkinClearing collection and the HydroBoost collection!

What An Unexpected Social Media Break Taught Me

What An Unexpected Social Media Break Taught Me

I love social media. It’s become part of everyday life. Recently I’ve just gotten really bored of it for some reason. One part was because I was busy but another part just stopped caring about what people were posting. So I just took a break. It made me realize some things. Here’s what an unexpected social media break taught me.

Is It Necessary?

There were times were I started composing a tweet because I felt like I had to tweet but realized it was a completely stupid tweet. It just made me realized if nothing really needs to be said, then it doesn’t have to be posted. I see this mainly on Twitter because it’s so easy to just post random things throughout my day. I also noticed that I tweet a lot more when I’m stressed and procrastinating. But nothing I posted was important. Who cares about the funny squirrel I saw? I would say things just to take up space and it made me step back and think of what I was saying.

Find People Who Genuinely Care

I had a friend actually send me a message to see how I was doing and check up on life since they noticed I wasn’t posting as much. But they weren’t messaging me to ask what I wasn’t posting, they genuinely wanted to catch up. Social media is filled of acquaintances. Sure you might somewhat know people and they might like your picture in passing, but find the few people who genuinely care about what you share. I want to make sure that the people that truly care actually know how I’m doing.

You Don’t Owe People Your Life

I’ve mentioned this before and I feel like it’s so true. Let’s be real, sometimes we post just because we want certain people to see it. But who cares who sees what? If you don’t post something it doesn’t make it less true or less real. We depend so much on making things official on social media but it really doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to live a happy life without having to broadcast it.

What do you think about taking social media breaks?

Let’s Talk: Friends

Let’s Talk: Friends

The older I get, the more people say it’s harder to make good friends. And they’re all right. In school you had a sea of people and situations that could change month to month. When you have a full time job, you are in the same group of people for hours. One of the reasons the whole idea of friends came to mind is because I’ve been seeing how it’s playing out in my life. So let’s talk about friends.

Keep ‘Em Close

I’m not a very good friend, I must admit. I suck at replying at texts and setting up plans. But the only reason I wanted to talk about this was because I learned one thing: keep your friends close. In college I made really good friends. Many of which I still see and keep in touch. But I feel like I took those friends for granted.

This is one of the reasons my word for this year is focus. I have a good group of people around me but I never really put my time and energy into making our friendships great. One of my friends will literally go out of her way and continue to rejoice in my news even if we don’t see each other as often. That’s just amazing to me. I have a hard time believing people can just genuinely be caring towards me so every little detail makes a big difference.

Everyone needs someone to talk to. It doesn’t have to be a big group of people but at least one person they can just share things with. It’s still a concept that I need to grasp and I need to be better about being there for the people I care about. But investing in friendships are very important.

What’s your opinions about making and keeping friends as an adult?

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Time to Focus

Time to Focus

I don’t get distracted too much but I can admit that I never really spend my time on one thing. I’m the kind of person that is always looking forward to the next new thing instead of looking at what’s in front of me. In a way it’s good to always find new opportunities, but I also feel like I never really enjoy one thing. So 2018 is the time to focus.

Time to Focus

A lot of things happened in 2017 and it was a lot of changes. I’m grateful for them but at the same time I wasn’t enjoying them because I was waiting for more. But I also feel like I’ve been giving too much time to things I shouldn’t have. So for 2018 I just want to focus. Focus on me, what’s in front of me, and just genuinely work towards making those things better.

I feel like sometimes having goals and words are just trying to make something happen. But I feel like I’m at a place where things are good enough for me to just focus on them and give them all my time and effort. I just want to make sure I am focusing on the right things and giving my energy to what will truly make a difference. Focus is not the most fun word for a year but it’s the one I need.

Do you have a word or goals this year?