Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3 Review

One day I woke up with an urge I couldn’t shake to get an Apple Watch. Well, here we are. I was never the person that had to get the watch when it first came out. Especially since I don’t wear watches often but the Apple Watch was calling me. I don’t talk much about tech stuff on here but I wanted to give it a go. I have a lot of thoughts about the watch so here’s my Apple Watch Series 3 review.

About the Watch

I got the GPS+Cellular watch which allows my phone to be connected to it. But you can also just get the GPS version of it.  There is actually a lot of band variations, which you can see here. I got the space grey. There’s also different case sizes: 38mm and 42mm. For more of the tech specs it has: heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, water resistant, ceramic back, wifi and bluetooth capabilities, 18 hour battery life, and ion-x strengthened glass.


I have a lot of pros but very valid cons about the watch. I love how convenient it is and how I don’t have to have my phone on me always. Learning to text is a bit of a learning curve and it may seem weird to talk at your wrist when taking a phone call. But it’s so great not being tied down to your phone. One of the reasons I got the watch was because I needed to be able to see my texts without looking at my phone. So it has helped out a lot. It’s also great because it tracks how much you walk and calories and such so it’s beneficial. But other than that, it’s still very much an add on accessory. Unless you genuinely have a need for it, I don’t think it’s necessary, just cool to have.

What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch?

Keeping Your Hair Healthy During Winter

Keeping Your Hair Healthy During Winter



Taking care of my hair is something that I’m constantly trying to figure out. Keeping your hair healthy during winter is also a whole different ballgame. I’m trying to put on my hair things it really needs to keep it looking great!

That’s where Everyone™ shampoos and conditioners come in. You can easily find these at your local Walmart. As the name suggests, they’re great for everyone! Everyone™ products are sulfate free, non toxic, and plant based so it is safe for families. Plus, it comes at a great price so you won’t have to shell out too much to have great hair. Value and aromatherapy, what else could you want!?

Keeping Your Hair Healthy During WinterKeeping Your Hair Healthy During Winter

Whenever it gets too cold, I get kind of lazy with my hair and keeping it unkept is not good! Especially now that my hair is really long (which I’m so stoked about) it’s a lot more prone to tangles and damage. I personally use the Everyone™ Balance shampoo and conditioner, which has Clary Sage, Lemon Myrtle, Grapefruit, Orange, Frankincense, Vetiver, Cedar, Juniper, and tea tree. Which I love anything with tea tree! But they also have the Volume shampoo and conditioner. You can find whatever fits your needs.

Keeping Your Hair Healthy During Winter

That’s what I love about Everyone™ because it’s plant-based and contains 100% pure essential oils so I know my hair is getting taken cared of. Plus, the bottles are so aesthetically pleasing. 

Don’t forget to check out Everyone™ products at Walmart! What’s one way you take care of your hair during the winter?

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Family, Tradition, and Food

Family, Tradition, and Food



Coming from a Mexican family, a lot of our traditions circle around food. Some of the best memories have happened around the dinner table. There’s nothing like family, tradition, and food.

One of my families favorite ingredients is La Lechera. When I say this goes on anything, I mean it! La Lechera is super easy to add in to any dish. It’s also super affordable. I get mine at Walmart and you can usually find a can in the baking isle. 

Family, Tradition, and Food

There are a lot of things you can make with La Lechera! My family actually always keeps a can at the table because we can use it anyway. It’s one of those things that we have to have now. So there are a ton of recipes that just remind me of home.

One of my go to is so simple you can probably make it right now. My family loved going out so whether we were at the park or the beach, my mom would make us La Lechera sandwiches which is just bread drizzled (or drenched for me) with La Lechera. It’s such a delicious treat and it makes me think of home and all the memories we have in a car full of kids eating as we remembered our day.

But one of our absolute favorites is arroz con leche. The way my momma makes it is super easy to follow! You just need La Lechera, rice, piloncillo, and cinnamon. 

Family, Tradition, and Food Family, Tradition, and FoodFamily, Tradition, and Food

You simply put some water in a pot and put in the piloncillo with some cinnamon. Put in the rice and let it all mix together. Finally, you add La Lechera and let it cook and serve when done!

Especially with the holidays coming up, my family loves arroz con leche because it’s such a yummy dessert and we can have it anytime! I love that I know this is one dessert that will always remind me of home.

Check out La Lechera and let me know what type of traditions your family has!

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November in Review | ’17

November in Review | ’17
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One month to go! I can’t believe we’re already at this point in the year. These last few months of the year are always the best but seem to fly by the fastest. Here’s November in review.


– So my blow dryer died so I had to get a new one. I didn’t want to break the bank so I went for the Conair Infiniti Pro at Ulta and y’all, my hair turned out ridiculously soft. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from it but I was so impressed by the quality of it!

– I’m currently on the hunt for coats! I’ve been loving tons over at Zara and Asos but can’t seem to commit. Where do you prefer to buy coats?


– I watched Wonder and absolutely loved it! I read the book so I was excited to see it come to life. Movie adaptations always cut out ton of the book, but this did a great job at telling the story. Plus, Daveed Diggs is in it and he’s one of my faves.

– I’ve been reading Faith Forward Future by Chad Veach and it’s so good! I’ll be giving it a whole review soon!


– Ya girl is slowly getting her life together and I’m pretty stoked with how life is going. God is good. Life is wild. I’ll definitely be sharing way more when I can!

Around the Web

– Last month I talked about Overheard LA but there’s also Overheard NY and to be honest, it’s way funnier. 

– I finally gave in and followed Gordon Ramsey on Twitter to see what he says about people’s food and I was not disappointed. What a guy.

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Sounds: Currently Playing | November

Sounds: Currently Playing | November

I can’t believe November is over! Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays because I love being thankful and food, of course. It finally hit me that this year is going to be over soon. It’s been such a good year for music! Here’s what’s currently playing for November.


You know when you listen to one song from a musician and really like it but never think of checking them out? That’s what happened with Cass. I listened to “Do You” and loved it but never went back to check out the full album. Her full length Genesis is so good and fresh. I love music that is perfect to drive to and Cass’ music is definitely perfect.


Fun fact: I got to be a stage manager for Hillsong Conference which meant I got to hear tons of worship songs over and over. I completely fell in love with “Rain/Reign” and “Elohim.” They’re just such beautiful songs that make me cry. “Elohim” was done as a gospel version during conference and my heart could not handle. It was amazing!

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion is one of those other artists that I listened and enjoyed one of their songs but never followed back. So after liking a couple of his songs, I went back and listened to his whole album and I’m a fan. He has such a cool vibe. Definitely someone to watch.

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