Why I Drink Keto Collagen in My Coffee

Why I Drink Keto Collagen in My Coffee

This post is sponsored by Ancient Nutrition, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I’m trying to be more conscious of what I put in my body and how I take care of it. It’s crazy to see how much stuff is out there so it’s so important to pick the right things with good benefits. Not going to lie, I’m always afraid of trying new things. I was always curious about Keto Collagen so I’m excited that I tried it! Here’s why I drink Keto Collagen in my coffee.

Why I Drink Keto Collagen in My Coffee

I’ve mentioned this before, I am always on the go. This is definitely tough when I’m trying to be conscious of what I put into my body because I need quick and easy things. That’s where Ancient Nutrition Keto Collagen comes in! I don’t strictly follow a ketogenic diet so this is extra perfect if you are. Ancient Nutrition Keto Collagen is a collagen superfood powder with collagen peptides combined with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut. 

Why I Drink Keto Collagen in My Coffee

My mornings start really early! I’m not a big breakfast kind of person so coffee is the one thing that I have to have. I can put the Keto Collagen in my coffee! That’s a game changer because I don’t have to do an extra step. I can put a scoop in and go! Since I know I need the benefits Keto Collagen has, adding it to my coffee is a win-win. It’s so easy that I don’t have to think about having a huge prep time to take care of myself.

Why I Drink Keto Collagen in My Coffee

It’s really cool because you can actually incorporate it into different recipes! It doesn’t have an overbearing taste so you can add it to anything. That way you can have the benefits and use it in any recipe you want.

This is what makes Keto Collagen perfect for everyone! If you strictly follow a ketogenic diet or just want to have a better health lifestyle, it’s for everyone from the busy college student to anyone just trying to get from day to day. It’s also dairy, soy, and gluten free! The benefits are also so worth it. It supports healthy joints, promotes healthy skin, and supports a healthy gut! These are things that I really need at the moment. As I’m getting older, I’m realizing I haven’t taken the best care of myself so the Keto Collagen helps get me on track.

Learn more about Keto Collagen here! Get 15% off your purchase when you use the code “KETOCOLLAGEN15” from now until 9/30/18!

May in Review | ’18

May in Review | ’18

May, May, May. What a month. Not to mention that when May is over, I feel like the rest of the year feels like a blur. Like should I be preparing for fall already?! This month was a doozy. It wasn’t bad but I learned a lot. Here’s May in review.


– I’ve heard tons of people rave about Aerie so I decided to try some items and I love it! They’re so comfy. I also got some things while they were on sale so it was a great deal. So definitely look out for those.

– Natural hair Adriana is back! If you guys are new here, every time it gets warmer I leave my hair natural since it’s too hot. Leave me suggestions on hair products. I’m looking to try new ones!


– John Mayer came out with a new song called “New Light” and I’m in love! It’s the perfect summer song. Currently on repeat.

– I started reading Crazy Rich Asians because I wanted to watch the movie when it comes out. It’s such a good book! You’ll be entertained for sure.

– Arctic Monkeys new album is out and I’m loving it. It’s a different vibe than their others albums but I’m all for it.


– I graduated from grad school this month! It’s been an interesting journey but I’m glad I made it. Now I can officially never think about homework again.

– I’m back on my fitness game! I’m excited to share more about that in future blogs.

Around the Web

– The Huji app is everything! It’s a disposable camera look and I’m going to overuse it in all my pictures now.

– You’ve seen updates to privacy policies everywhere and you also saw one here (here’s my privacy policy in case you haven’t seen it). It’s actually super important for every site to follow GDPR. So if you’re a blogger, get on that!

What’s new with you this month?

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Figuring Out My Fitness Journey

Figuring Out My Fitness Journey

I’ve never been the one to purposely go do something to stay active. But I decided to get my life together and become active. I briefly mentioned this back in February but I started my fitness journey. I wish I could say that since then I’ve been amazing at it but it’s been a challenge. Not in a bad way but it’s been a lot of learning and trying to see how it fits in my life. I’m figuring out my fitness journey because it definitely does not look like some of the people I follow online.

What’s shocking is that I don’t completely hate working out. I love the burn. But I feel like there’s still a lot of things I’m figuring out. Here’s a bit of what my journey has looked like.

Finding Motivation

I feel like finding motivation is something everyone struggles with. I’m the kind of person that loves giving myself a free pass. So it it means doing 10 reps instead of 12 or not go to the gym because of the weather or I wanted to sleep. Excuses are so easy. I literally have to push myself to go to the gym. But once I’m there, I know that it’s exactly what I want to be doing. It’s a lot of reminding myself of why I even want to start getting fit. It’s hard but something you have to constantly keep thinking about because motivation won’t just be there.

Food is Key

You can have the best workout but if you go on eating junk food, it doesn’t work. A trainer told me to that it’s 80% food and 20% what you do. (I’m not a professional so consult with someone who is!) That works for me. Before I was the kind of person that felt like I could eat anything if I worked out. But that’s not the case. Being more conscious about what you eat tends to be more important than what work out you do. I found that I don’t obsessed over meal prepping or legit reading a label but figure out the best food options for me and start from there.

It’s Not that Bad

Not going to lie, I was the person that used every excuse to get out of P.E. in school. Th most activity I did was dance. So working out seemed like torture. But after getting to the gym and seeing how much my body can change and get stronger, I love it. It’s really important to find the workouts that you actually like. It’s not all one size fits all. What works for someone else, may not work for you and that’s okay. You’ll begin to warm up to it when you find what you actually like doing.

What are your tips for those starting their fitness journey?

My On the Go Essentials

My On the Go Essentials

This post is sponsored by Kleenex but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Everyone that knows me knows that I like using a backpack more than a purse. I’m all about being prepared whenever I head out somewhere. This means I take anything and everything, but hey, I’d rather have extra things than not enough. There are somethings that should be a nonnegotiable for everyone and that is Kleenex Wet Wipes. Trust me when I say you will use them for everything. My lifestyle is currently changing and from the gym to hanging with friends, Kleenex Wet Wipes are a must. Here are my on the go essentials!

My On the Go Essentials

I have two backpacks that I use. One is my everyday, everywhere backpack and the other is my gym bag. Not going to lie, they more or less have the same things. One is just cuter than the other honestly. I make sure they are stocked up with the things I need or might need, you just never know. Besides the usual headphones, chapstick, and water bottles, here are some other things I carry.

One of the things I carry is medical tape. Should I probably add a small first aid kit? Probably. But for now, medical tape gets the job done. I’m paranoid of the back of my shoes hurting me so medical tape helps instead of having to put a bandaid. Plus, it can be used for so many other things! Work smarter, not harder.

If you don’t know, now you know. Kleenex came out with Kleenex Wet Wipes and I’m in love. The wipes are meant for your face and body so they’re strong yet still so soft. Since I’ve been going to the gym more, I use them to quickly clean my hands when moving from equipment and for my face when I need to be refreshed. They’re also really gentle for everyone to use!

My On the Go Essentials

But they’re also great when you’re out and about when eating or just traveling! Kleenex Wet Wipes are not just useful but are making an impact. Kleenex products are made from responsibly managed forests! Plus, buy on Amazon and save up to $2!

My On the Go Essentials

I also carry a journal. Not even a planner, which I do have, a real lined paper journal. It’s not my real journal where I write my thoughts and prayers, it’s literally a journal where I jot down meeting notes, sermon notes, ideas, you name it. I still like writing things down so I have to have a journal with me. And who knows when someone needs a piece of paper!

Finally, I carry hair accessories. I don’t mean hair ties. I mean head wraps, hats, and dry shampoo (which I know is not an accessory but it’s for hair). I’m the kind of person that always finds myself in last minute hang outs. This means I have to look presentable within a moments notice. I should learn my listen and leave the house looking decent, but here we are.

What are some unusual things in your essentials? 

Don’t forget to pick up some Kleenex Wet Wipes on Amazon!

101 Things in 1,001 Days

101 Things in 1,001 Days

Y’all I did one of these back in 2015 – 2017 and it was a fun challenge. This time around I’m just trying to go with the flow and experience new things. It may be a bit of a random list but it’s things I genuinely want to do. Here’s my list of 101 Things in 1,001 Days.

Start: May 18, 2018

End: February 12, 2021

101 Things in 1,001 Days


1. Learn how to swim

2. Learn how to surf

3. Keep working out

4. Be intentional

5. Turn 26

6. Turn 27

7. Graduate grad school

8. Keep a consistent skin care routine

9. Keep my relationship with God strong

10. Unplug from social media

11. Learn to go with the flow

12. Start jogging

13. Start a side hustle

14. Be content with life

15. Embrace my natural hair

16. Polish up my resume

17. Learn to forgive

18. Have a decent sleep schedule

19. Go to the doctor/dentist/etc for checkups not when it’s a dire need

20. Pay off my debt

21. Learn sign language

22. Learn basic car maintenance

23. Put money into my savings account

24. Get a massage or a facial

25. Get in the habit of praying instead of complaining

26. Donate blood

27. Learn to drive manual

28. Cut out sugar for at least a week

29. Not fast food for a month

30. Learn basic sewing

31. Learn how to do my eyeshadow

32. Genuinely love others

33. Learn motion graphics

34. Go a month without shopping for clothes and makeup

35. Be confident in who I am and remember that “I am a child of God and He is pleased with me.


36. Go to a different country

37. Go to a different city that I would never expect to go to

38. Plan a last-minute weekend trip

39. Explore iconic places in Southern California

40. Go hiking somewhere new

41. Do a little getaway to Palm Springs

42. Go to Las Vegas

43. Go to a music festival

44. Stay at a bed and breakfast

45. Go to New York Again

46. Do a solo drive somewhere

47. Camp at a beach

48. Helicopter ride over a city

49. Travel to visit another Hillsong campus

50. Go to Seattle


51. Make my friends go to karaoke with me

52. Reconnect with people I lost touch with

53. Give out “just because” gifts to people I love

54. Spend a cooking day with my mom and have her teach me her favorite recipes

55. Be intentional with people

56. Have a coffee date with my dad

57. Send birthday cards to my family and friends

58. Buy my mom flowers just because

59. Send a care package

60. Surprise someone on their birthday


61. Have a picnic

62. Try 5 new restaurants 

63. Upgrade my laptop or camera

64. Give a good waiter a good tip

65. Keep a plant alive for a long time

66. Go to at least 3 concerts

67. Empty out my closet and keep the essentials

68. Visit an aquarium

69. Watch 5 classic movies

70. Use my Moviepass and see 3-4 movies in one week

71. Read 5 classic books

72. Take up photography again

73. Come up with 101 things

74. Finish my journal Bible

75. Focus on my blog a bit more

76. Spend a whole day indoors watching a show with a good cup of coffee

77. Visit a new coffee shop per month

78. Go to a wedding

79. Get published

80. Work with a brand/person I love and admire

81. Cover/attend a big event as an influencer

82. Read a book per month

83. Have a successful thrifting trip

84. Pay for the person behind me at a coffee shop

85. Watch the sunrise or sit and watch the sunset

86. Buy something that I’ve been wanting but have been putting off

87. Film a second of each day in a year

88. Take a ballet class consistently

89. Go apple picking

90. Go rollerskating 

91. Go paintballing

92. Actually watch a new show on Netflix

93. Keep a consistent feed on Instagram

94. Meet the kids I sponsor through Compassion

95. Do vlogmas

96. Watch a movie at a drive-in

97. Do a 23andMe test

98. Write a short story

99. Go to a farmers market

100. Fly a kite

101. Finish everything on this list

Follow along on this journey! What’s on your list?