Overalls are Back

Overalls are Back

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My last fashion post was about jumpsuits so in that same vein, let’s talk about overall dresses. I’m not the biggest dress wearer so when I wear one, it has to be comfy as heck. Dresses are hard for me to shop for because I feel like they’re either dressy or way to casual. So now that overalls are back, I found a way around this.

If you haven’t heard me mention this before, I will 100% choose comfort over fashion. This is tough when a lot of things on trend are not the most comfortable. Usually I go to Cotton On to get my basics like pants and simple tees. So I decided to get a bit crazy and went to the dress section and here’s how I encountered this overall dress. It’s the perfect length and has enough shape but not body conscious. I can easily dress it up with heels (not going to lie, I used it for my graduation) or dress it down like this with sneakers.

Overalls are Back
Outfit Details:
Overalls are Back

I love Cotton On (Sponsor me? Jk, but if you’re down, I’m down.) because it’s one of the few places I can shop online and know how things will fit without trying. This became my go-to outfit when I want to be on the cuter, trendy side. Overalls are so great. I’m still on a hunt for some pant overalls because I’m in love with the practicality of this trend. When I find something I love, I wear it to death. Definitely one of my current favorite outfits. Overalls are the cutest and so casual.

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How do you feel about the overall trend?

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