October in Review | ’18

California is slowly cooling down. I’m so excited for November and December with all my favorite holidays. So much yummy food and hangs with my family! Seriously the best months of the year. October went well and chill as I imagined. Here’s this month in review.


– I’ve been slacking on my skincare, which is horrible with winter around the corner. If there’s some drugstore must haves, let me know!

– My makeup routine has stayed the same and I’m still using Morphe. It’s been interesting but I don’t hate it.


– Lany released their new album and I’m conflicted. I like it but it sounds similar to all their other music. Any fans have thoughts on this?

– The OC is on Hulu so I started re-watching it. I’ve seen the first two seasons a lot and I do remember finishing the series but don’t remember what happens. So I’m giving it another go.


– I’m back on a money saving grind! My student loans are kicking in soon and I am figuring that all out. Such a fun time, am I right?

– I’ve lost over 15 pounds! I started my fitness journey earlier this year and this was such a milestone. I’ll be sharing what I did soon.

Around the Web

– I’m not a designer but I like to see creative things. Media Collective London is my favorite Instagram account right now. From their graphics to photos, so creative.

What’s new with you this month?

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