November in Review | '17

November in Review | ’17

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One month to go! I can’t believe we’re already at this point in the year. These last few months of the year are always the best but seem to fly by the fastest. Here’s November in review.


– So my blow dryer died so I had to get a new one. I didn’t want to break the bank so I went for the Conair Infiniti Pro at Ulta and y’all, my hair turned out ridiculously soft. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from it but I was so impressed by the quality of it!

– I’m currently on the hunt for coats! I’ve been loving tons over at Zara and Asos but can’t seem to commit. Where do you prefer to buy coats?


– I watched Wonder and absolutely loved it! I read the book so I was excited to see it come to life. Movie adaptations always cut out ton of the book, but this did a great job at telling the story. Plus, Daveed Diggs is in it and he’s one of my faves.

– I’ve been reading Faith Forward Future by Chad Veach and it’s so good! I’ll be giving it a whole review soon!


– Ya girl is slowly getting her life together and I’m pretty stoked with how life is going. God is good. Life is wild. I’ll definitely be sharing way more when I can!

Around the Web

– Last month I talked about Overheard LA but there’s also Overheard NY and to be honest, it’s way funnier. 

– I finally gave in and followed Gordon Ramsey on Twitter to see what he says about people’s food and I was not disappointed. What a guy.

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What was new with you this month?

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  • I asked for a blow dryer for Christmas because it gets sooo cold here/my old blow dryer died/air drying hair takes TOO LONG. But I had no idea a blow dryer could contribute to the softness of your hair!!

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