Nothing to Prove - Jennie Allen | Review

Nothing to Prove – Jennie Allen | Review

I received this book from Blogging for Books for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

It’s really draining feeling like you have to prove yourself to people. But it’s something that people struggle with at one point of another. Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen looks at how we should stop trying to porve ourselves and just rest in who God is. Sometimes this is easier said than done, so the whole book tackles the idea and how we can truly live this way.

About the Book

This book is about finding freedom from the pressure we put on ourselves. This can be in all aspects of our lives like in church or in our communities. But it also looks at how we do things for God instead of doing things with Him. Jennie Allen explains how we basically need to just find ourselves in God and then we can be assured of who we are. God can meet all of our needs.


I feel like having to prove myself is just a recurring struggle for me so this book hit home. I love that Jennie shared her own struggles that are all too real. Sometimes it’s not a big moment that makes us feel insecure but the small every day life details. I think it’s a great book to reanalyze how we see ourselves and who God is in our lives. It’s a good book that reminds you to apply God’s views into our lives.

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