When No One is Watching

When No One is Watching

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. | Matthew 6:3 NIV

I feel like Matthew 6:3 has always loomed over me. It gave me this fear that I have to be secretive about everything I do, regardless of how positive. But there’s a big difference in between being secretive and being private.

There’s no denying that sometimes we do things just to publish on social media. It’s at a point that there’s no stopping our online personas and what we choose to show. But we get carried away. We are meticulous. In some ways it’s okay. We don’t show the messy parts or the tears shed. But soon enough, the nitpicking trickles down to the core of our lives. Who are we really when no one is watching?

We often forget that God can see everything. He knows exactly what passes through our minds. We can never truly live with the act we put on because there is always someone who knows the truth. I’m guilty of this and lying to myself but what’s the point of pretending to people, when things aren’t okay in private.

I’m not saying to air out your dirty laundry on social media. That is never a good idea. But it’s time we actually acknowledge our true selves and not make an act of everything. The people we are when no one is watching is who we truly are, no matter how much we hide it. Take time to learn and see who you are, and work towards embracing you.

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4 thoughts on “When No One is Watching

  • Great word on being authentic! I couldn’t agree more. I’m willing to admit I struggle as much as the next person which makes me that much more willing to cry out for God to change me.

  • Amen! This is something I have been really thinking about lately. Glad you shared it!

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