No Heat Summer Challenge

No Heat Summer Challenge


As much as I love the freedom summer brings, I absolutely hate the heat! This summer I’m going to be doing the No Heat Summer Challenge, to reduce the heat I use in my hair and just enjoy life instead of focusing so much on prep time. I previously did this challenge but that was child’s play. This time I’m going to be committed and I’m doing it with real purpose, not just to be lazy. Let’s be real, the heat always makes me want to stay in an air-conditioned room.

My hair is really damaged because I can never decide on hair color, so while I’m doing deep treatments, not adding heat will be something I have to do because I need to limit the stress going on. So this challenge is simply that: don’t add any type of heat on your hair. So how am I going about this? Let me share!

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I will do my hair when I go to Disneyland and for other important things like real plans. I was not blessed with the type of hair that can be washed and then I can be on my way. My hair is thick and crazy as heck. So although I enjoy looking like a hobo most of the time, I do have places where I have to look presentable.


This is what is going to get me through this thing. I really can’t let my hair just be and I really need to get it back into a healthy state so here’s what I’m using!

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AG Reconstruct: I got this at Ulta and it’s been substituting my conditioner and it’s so amazing! My hair felt less stringy after a couple of weeks and feels a lot better. If you need your hair completely restored, I say try this!

Bumble and Bumble Primers: A reason my hair looks horrible is because I never put anything on it. Like nothing. The last time I got a trim they gave me this Bumble and Bumble primers so I can apply to my hair before adding heat and they’re great. They also don’t have a lingering smell.

Dry Shampoo: I’m trying to reduce how many times I was my hair in a week, so dry shampoo is a must. Especially in the summer where your hair gets attacked by the sun, sweat, and constantly putting it up or down, dry shampoo will help keep it at bay at all times.

Redken One United: I got this just to add to my hair after a shower but it also works as a styling spray and a conditioner you can wash off, there’s honestly so many ways to use this! I feel like using it on my hair after it’s wet makes me feel like I’m still treating it and it’s not too heavy.

Tips and Things

If possible, let your hair air dry! Blow drying your hair is just adding unnecessary heat. I’m going to learn to master a messy bun because I can’t even do that. But also braiding my hair tons, which would at least make my hair look done. I know there will be certain times that I will have to use heat, but I will try using it at the lowest heat level. So if you have to use heat, reduce it to the minimum.

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What are some easy hairstyles you do without heat? What are some tips you can share? Let me know!

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7 thoughts on “No Heat Summer Challenge

  • When I don’t heat style and let my hair air dry (which is also super thick and wiry lol), I have been loving the Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It product. You just use it when your hair is damp and when it air dries, it doesn’t have that I-stuck-my-finger-in-an-outlet look… it’s wiry/messy, but smooth and has a bit more volume than normal. I really love it!

  • My hair is super thick and crazy, but I never use heat! I do a lot of buns and braids. I love braid crowns, because they look fancy but they are pretty easy! I stopped using shampoo on my hair last year, I only condition it if it’s knotted(with my hair, happens like three times a week.) It’s made my heal feel so healthy

  • What difference did you see without shampoo? I was thinking about doing that! I need to add braids because all I do is put it in a low ponytail and it’s not that pretty lol

  • I never do anything with my hair and when I did, I hated it lol I’m going to have to try some of the products you recommended! I’m a huge fan of dry shampoo (wish I found it sooner!)

  • I’ve done this before – but not on purpose! Really out of sheer lazyness/business and my hair quality has improved tremendously! I used to use heat a ton before I had kids. And now, great deep conditions and no heat work wonders! Kerastase masks are my favorite. 🙂

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