No Hair Heat Summer Challenge: Tips + Ideas

Summer is one of my favorite seasons because it is such a time to feel carefree and just enjoy. However, this means that the temperature also rises and that is something I do not like. So this summer, in order to minimize the heat and increase the time I get to have fun, I will try to minimize the amount of heat I apply to my hair.

This challenge will definitely be hard because my hair is naturally wavy/curly and not in a cute way. It gets really wild easily but the amount of damage that my hair has is ridiculous so this is more of a requirement, rather than just something to try. I’m really nervous about it because I haven’t worn my hair naturally since I was in high school and that was years ago, and considering how much I straighten or curl my hair, it definitely will not look the same way it used to.

I honestly recommend this challenge to everyone because it will give your hair a break and can allow your creativity to flourish when trying to create styles that make your hair look good. It’s definitely a process and you will feel uneasy at first, but like with everything out of the ordinary, you must make it work.

Hair Tips

Quitting cold turkey will be really hard so I suggest to first wash your hair and see how your hair is looking. The first time I got the pieces that looked really frizzy or just untamed and straightened or curled them but I tried to keep it at a minimum.

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A hair tip I recommend if you have wavy/curly hair is to let your hair air dry and after a while apply a small dollop of mousse and spread it all over. Wait a few more minutes and then part your hair and do two braids. It’s important that your hair isn’t straight out of the shower wet because then your hair will remain damp even hours after. I did the braids at night and undid them in the morning and it gave my hair a nice cohesive wave as seen on the picture on the right. Yes, it doesn’t look perfect like it would if I actually applied heat but the look turned out alright and it gave my hair hope that maybe I can make it through the summer. Plus, you can never go wrong just putting your hair in a messy bun!

Accessories are your friend! Yes, this is a definite shortcut but it will allow you to experiment with accessories and gives you a reason to wear a flower crown every day. Also, make sure you have the right products for your hair type. I am terrible and just buy whatever smells the nicest, but not applying heat will force you to examine the state of your hair and allow you to tailor the products to fit the way your hair is flowing.

It’s still nerve-wrecking washing my hair because my hair never behaves the same way each time. However, I am starting to notice patterns and finding little fixes to the hard parts. I’m still not 100% comfortable walking out my door and I admit to using my straightener to flatten down small parts that won’t cooperate, but overall, my hair is starting to feel healthier and lighter and I don’t have to waste the extra hour and a half fixing it up.

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This summer is full of promise, and I kind of hope that some of you will take on this challenge as well! I’m excited to see how this turns out and I hope my hair gets better from here!

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