My Name is Adriana

My Name is Adriana

My name has seven letters. My name sounds better if you say it in Spanish. For years, my name made me self-conscious. Without even meeting me, you knew my cultural background. It’s hard to pronounce for those who don’t even bother to try. But I’m done trying to simplify it. My name is Adriana and this name carries meaning.

I won’t hide behind a nickname just because you don’t want to respect me enough to say it right. I won’t let it hold me back when people try to label me as the Mexican-American that I am. I’m not Andrea or Ariana and strangely enough you can pronounce Adrian but not Adriana.

My name is Adriana. It made me self-conscious to say it. Almost embarrassed to say it. But now I’m self aware. My name is me. It holds the generations before me and the ones to come. These seven letters give me a personality. I am who I am and I am proud of it. So I will say my name and not shy from it.

My name is Adriana and I am confident in it.

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