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Okay, I’ve been blogging for a while but it wasn’t until this year that I wanted to get down to business. This meant for me to start embracing the tools I thought I didn’t need. Do you know that feeling? Like you already got this blogging thing down so why need “xxx” thing. But sometimes our own stubbornness works against us and we need to use tools to further expand our blogs. Here are some my go-to blogging tools I completely fell in love with and have helped my blog grow!

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At first, I was against this because I thought it would clog up my Twitter feed but this has been such a handy tool. Tweetily is a plugin that tweets out your posts throughout the day, so your content is always getting out there. This is an easy way to get older posts back out again because it chooses posts by random! I have mine set at every 6 hours so you can adjust it and even exclude posts you don’t want to be shown.


This is also a plugin I started using late in the game and it’s been so useful! Do you see all those social media icons on the left side of this post? That’s what this is. It makes it easier to share your content. All it takes is one click and done! You can customize it, add different social networks, and when people share you can set it up so they can see your own social media accounts in case they want to follow!

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Pretty Link

I’ve been using for a while and it’s still great, but I recently discovered Pretty Link. With Pretty Link you can shorten your links while keeping your own domain name. For example, this post can be shortened like I like this because you can keep your name and just shorten the rest of the link so people can recognize your link everywhere! Plus, it comes with analytics so you can track where things are coming from!


As I said, it took me a while to get into some of the most obvious tools. Some of my content isn’t fit for Pinterest but once I started putting my Disney posts on there, I saw how great it is! My bucket list has been shared around and I’ve seen traffic come from it every day. So start sharing on Pinterest! Use Canva to make visually pleasing pins and use it to the fullest.


I casually used Stumbleupon before but I stepped it up recently. You basically just put a certain blog post and people will stumble into it! It’s really easy to use but you do have to make sure to share other content so they penalize you. But it’s a quick way to get a post out!


Do you use any of these? What are your go-to blogging tools?

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