Must Watch Documentaries

Must Watch Documentaries

I’ve been watching way too much Netflix and Hulu. Usually it’s ever rom-com I can find, but lately, I’ve been into documentaries. I’m all for learning new things so I’m digging into all the documentaries I can see. There’s a lot of the super well known ones, but I wanted to check out some you might have missed. Here’s some of the must watch documentaries I enjoyed.

The True Cost

I’ve been trying to shop more sustainable so when I heard about this one, I knew I had to watch it. The True Cost shows all about the fashion industry and the repercussions of fast fashion. From poor working conditions to the environmental impact, people need to watch the effect of buying from stores like Forever 21. It’s a movie that’s a start if you’re interested in the whole sustainable move.

Both Fyre Festival Movies

These are probably the most popular at the moment. I wrote about Fyre Festival in my master’s thesis because the whole thing was interesting. Fyre Fraud on Hulu was actually my favorite. I thought it had a fresh take on it and loved the interviews. Fyre on Netflix was still good and had more of the process of it coming to life (or not). But I feel both missed a lot of the coverage at the actual festival. Either way, such interesting documentaries.

The Bleeding Edge

Everything about the medical world is interesting. I remember watching a YouTube video about a girl who said her implants were actually making her sick and how she advised people to not do it. The Bleeding Edge talks a lot about medical devices that haven’t really been tested but used on people. It goes through different stories and how the medical devices affected people. It’s good to watch because you would want going to the doctor to be safe as possible.

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Long Shot

I chose this one on a whim and so glad I did. Long Shot is a true story of a man who was wrongfully being accused of murder and the Dodgers and Curb Your Enthusiasm helped clear his name. It’s a wild story but also pulled at my heartstrings. The fact that this man went through this makes you enjoy the positive outcome. It was a roller coaster.

What’s your favorite documentary?

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