Must-Have Summer Fashion

Must-Have Summer Fashion

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Summer is here! California is always warm but this past winter was colder than usual. So I am excited for summer to be in full swing. This just means it’s time to switch my closet and I am so ready. Here are the must-have summer fashion trends. I feel like every year I get more excited about summer trends because there are so many fun items to try. Especially since I was always a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Let me share what’s in my closet and what I’m eyeing.

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Cropped Pants

Maybe because I’m short but I’m a huge fan of cropped pants. Honestly, they still fall kind of long on me so I don’t have a true crop. But I love them anyway. Also, I’m not talking about jean cropped pants, although I do own some. But since it’s hot out, I’m trying different types of materials to keep it fresh. Plus, it’s easier to wear prints that are currently in style. It’s such an easy way to make a simple outfit look much cooler and keep with the trends.

Midi Skirts

Skirts are hit and miss for me. Some are too short, while others are way too long. I’m super happy that midi skirts are currently in style. Yes, I might be too short for it and I need to try them on to make sure it looks okay. But it’s such a cute trend. Again, it’s easier to wear the trendy patterns with midi skirts. You can also wear them casually or dress them up so it’s the best of both worlds.

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I was so against these shoes until I realized I didn’t want to wear sandals. Mules are just much nicer to put together an outfit. I didn’t want flats and I already had too many sneakers, so I gave them a try. They’re pretty great style of shoes. They’re easy to put on and can wear them with both casual outfits or more styled ones. I definitely reach more for these when I want to look cute and want to keep fresh.


So this is going to be super vague. Dresses are always a summer go-to. I feel like previous years I would stick to one specific style of dress. But this year I’m giving in to all of them. Shirt dresses, wrap dresses, pinafore dresses. I am all in for them. It’s just so easy to throw on and go with my day and look decent.

What’s your favorite summer trend?

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