Mexican Meal in Under 5 Minutes

Being Mexican means that food is always being cooked. It’s just a given. What’s even more a given is how many beans are always on a pot on our stove. Beans sometimes take a while to get done, and I know I can’t be the only one who has burned them! It’s complicated.

Herdez is here to make breakfast easier by cutting down prep time! With their Instant Refried Beans, they give you 4 different types of flavored beans, including cheese, chorizo, and jalapeño, that you can cook up in a short amount of time.

I don’t have much time to sit down and eat breakfast, so I need something quick and easy. Nothing makes me happier than remembering the flavors of my childhood. Herdez brings back these goods, see how you can also make this.

Eggs and Beans

To make this simple meal, all you need to do is fill a pan with some water. I simply let it simmer a bit and then I add the beans. I used the chorizo beans because the chorizo adds a bit more of a kick!

You just need to stir it up and let it cook in 5 minutes, no need to wait hours or pick the beans apart. I like to pair up my beans with a simple egg on the side (which you can make while you let the beans cook), just like my mom would make when I was growing up.

Seriously that’s it! You can have an authentic Mexican meal in 5 minutes thanks to Herdez because of these simple bean packets. They’re so much more flavor than regular beans, so you’re getting more out of it for only being a 5-minute meal.

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What’s your favorite way to make beans? Check out Herdez Instant Refried Beans and pick your favorite!

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