May in Review | '19

May in Review | ’19

WHAT!? Can’t believe that May is coming to an end. This means summer is here and it’s time for California to do its thing. These next few months are going to be a rollercoaster for me so I’m excited. This halfway point of the year is going to bring so many things. Until then, here’s May in review.


– Since I’m starting to switch out my closet to my summer clothes, I need some essentials. I finally got overalls! (Not an affiliate link but check them out) I wanted something easy to throw on and roomy since I don’t want to deal with the heat.

– I shared my review on Warby Parker this month. Since then, I realized I have been wearing my glasses all day every day. I tried wearing contacts for one day and took them off after a few hours. Finding cute glasses helped to embrace them in my life.


– I finished watching New Girl and I am so sad. It was such a cute and funny show. Definitely the type of show that is easy to follow and can keep you entertained. Check it out if you’re looking for a new show!

– I did start watching Agents of Shield and Parks and Recreation (although I’ve already seen this one). It’s been entertaining and good to play in the background.


– I unexpectedly got one of my wisdom teeth taken out and it was interesting. As much as I enjoyed eating ice cream, I did not expect how uncomfortable it was.

– I may or may not get my Disneyland pass back. It’s still something I’m going back and forth with so we’ll see if it happens!

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– Since I’ve been on a Disney mood lately. I started watching Defunctland on YouTube. It looks at past Disney parks (or Disney in general) and gives history on it. It’s super fun and I have it playing in the background while I work.

What’s new with you this month?

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