May in Review | '18

May in Review | ’18

May, May, May. What a month. Not to mention that when May is over, I feel like the rest of the year feels like a blur. Like should I be preparing for fall already?! This month was a doozy. It wasn’t bad but I learned a lot. Here’s May in review.


– I’ve heard tons of people rave about Aerie so I decided to try some items and I love it! They’re so comfy. I also got some things while they were on sale so it was a great deal. So definitely look out for those.

– Natural hair Adriana is back! If you guys are new here, every time it gets warmer I leave my hair natural since it’s too hot. Leave me suggestions on hair products. I’m looking to try new ones!


– John Mayer came out with a new song called “New Light” and I’m in love! It’s the perfect summer song. Currently on repeat.

– I started reading Crazy Rich Asians because I wanted to watch the movie when it comes out. It’s such a good book! You’ll be entertained for sure.

– Arctic Monkeys new album is out and I’m loving it. It’s a different vibe than their others albums but I’m all for it.


– I graduated from grad school this month! It’s been an interesting journey but I’m glad I made it. Now I can officially never think about homework again.

– I’m back on my fitness game! I’m excited to share more about that in future blogs.

Around the Web

– The Huji app is everything! It’s a disposable camera look and I’m going to overuse it in all my pictures now.

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– You’ve seen updates to privacy policies everywhere and you also saw one here (here’s my privacy policy in case you haven’t seen it). It’s actually super important for every site to follow GDPR. So if you’re a blogger, get on that!

What’s new with you this month?

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