Mario Badescu Skincare Trial | Review

Mario Badescu Skincare Trial | Review

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Like many of you all, I first heard about Mario Badescu from that facial spray everyone was using. So I was curious about this brand. Skincare is my weakest spot when it comes to beauty. My skin isn’t perfect and I hate splurging on things that aren’t worth it. I always get a little nervous with new skincare products. Mario Badescu has a skin analysis test on their website where you can input your skin type and they will tailor a routine for you. You can get the sample items for what they recommend you for about $2 just for shipping.

The thing I liked is that they send the whole routine they recommend, of course in sample sizes, but also a guide on how to use them. I have dry skin and it’s not sensitive. I was going to go all in. Here’s what I thought about the items they recommended.

Mario Badescu Skincare Trial

Seaweed Cleansing Soap: This is the first step to the routine they recommended to me. It’s simple to use because you wet your face, wash your face with the soap, and then rinse it off with warm water. The soap was gentle and it helps clean off your face from whatever has been on there.

Seaweed Cleansing Lotion: This is essentially a toner. The lotion part of the name threw me off. But it’s a liquid that you have to put on a cotton swab to put on your face. Again, this was very gentle on my skin. The combo of the soap and lotion are a must in my opinion. They work well together and my face felt refreshed.

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Hyaluronic Eye Cream: Recently I noticed that my eyes were a problem area. Eye creams are so expensive! I give this eye cream a solid B minus. It was very hydrating and I can feel my under eyes feel better but even if I used a small amount, it was so hard to blend out. It’s definitely a thick cream.

Oil Free Moisturizer: For dry skin, a good moisturizer is everything. From everything in this treatment, I loved the moisturizer! It wasn’t heavy and went on well. It was definitely hydrating and made my skin feel a lot better! I honestly would use it day and night. It doesn’t just sit on your skin and does its job.

Flower & Tonic Mask: I love face masks but I feel like I never have the time for them. This mask needs to be on for 20 minutes and you can use it only 2-3 times per week. This mask is the type that hardens as you have it on. I don’t have anything negative to say but not super in love with it. It doesn’t have a strong smell and didn’t break me out.

Seaweed Night Cream: This is my least favorite thing from the whole routine. If you use this, let me know if my opinions are valid. The cream was so hard to even put on. It was really hard to pick up and blend out. It was more of a thick paste. I’m about to finish my sample container because I would grab so much to be able to cover my whole face. I’d rather use the moisturizer day and night.

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Botanical Exfoliating Scrub: This scrub is my ASMR dream. When you scrub your face it makes such a soothing sound. I tend to stay away from scrubs since I have dry skin. I alternate this with the mask so you don’t use them at the same time. It’s super gentle as a scrub and made my skin smooth.

Anti Acne Serum: I’ve been struggling with acne lately and not sure how to handle it. This serum want be added after you’ve done your routine. It’s so easy because you just dab it on to your problem areas. I didn’t see immediate results but over a few days I did see some redness go down.


I do like the routine they recommended but I wasn’t 100% convinced. My skin did feel a lot better but there wasn’t much of a difference in how it looked. If you do the skin care analysis and get the sample trial, they do last long enough to try them for a few weeks. I feel like the whole routine works well together but I’m curious to see how they work independently or with other products.

Have you tried Mario Badescu skincare products? What is your favorite?

P.S. Let me know if you want more of these beauty type posts!

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