March in Review '17

March in Review | ’17

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I’m so sad that March is ending! Birthday month was a great one and I can’t wait until next year already. Besides being my birthday, I love March because it’s usually when the temperature starts changing and I’m weirdly excited for the warmth. Strangely also excited to do some deep spring cleaning! Here’s what has been happening this month.


– Spring is here! Which means it’s getting warmer. Usually during these warm months I leave my hair naturally a lot more and it’s already been so helpful to restore it to a healthy state. I’ve been using Biolage Smoothproof Serum when my hair is dry so it can tame the frizz and it smells so delicious! 

– I have really dry skin and the harsh cold in the east coast did me wrong! I actually had a small sample travel size of Garnier SkinActive moisturizer and I fell in love! It’s so moisturizing and I actually don’t have to put a lot on because a small amount will do so much.


– Something I did this month was do another secular music fast. It was extremely harder this time around but I really wanted to start my new birth year on a good note. Since I was searching for new music, I found Fearless BND from Fearless LA and love their newest album! It’s super cool. Another I’ve been loving is The Outsiders, which I have known for a while but I’ve been having their album Tuesday Nights on repeat and I’m in love. (P.S. These links aren’t affiliate, they go straight to their Spotify so it can be easier for you to listen!)

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– I finally watched The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story on Netflix and it was so good! As soon as I was done, I seriously Googled everything and learned so much about this case. So crazy!


– No buy month is a go, but I’m thinking of turning it into a no buy until summer! Crazy. I’m only allowing myself to buy clothes at one store once it gets more hotter, but until that happens, I am only sticking to buying food and extreme essentials. So far so good.

– If you guys follow me on Instagram, you saw that my trip to New York and Washington DC happened! I’m having the worst withdrawals! I miss the city so much and want to go back now.

Around the Web

– One of my current favorite bloggers is Mariah Houghton. Her posts are inspirational and she talks about lifestyle as well. Plus, her Instagram is so pretty!

– I’ve been loving The Secret Garden, started by Laura Toggs of Hillsong. I absolutely love the vibe and the stories of some of these girls are so inspiring.


What’s been new with you this month?

5 thoughts on “March in Review | ’17

  • I love posts like these. They’re so fresh and inspiring. I’m having a hard time with dry skin right now because of the season change but I’m in love with all of my Formula 10.0.6 products. They help so much. I’m always in need of good hair care products so i’ll have to check those out soon.

    I love that you are turning your no buy month into a whole season. I’ve been trying not to buy a lot of un-necessary things lately, too and I find that i’m actually loving it.

  • Secular music fast?! Woah! I can’t believe I missed that since I not-so-secretly stalk your music posts 😉 That’s such a cool idea and once again, thanks for the suggestions on good alternatives!

  • My husband and I watch The People Vs. OJ and we loved it. My husband did the same thing you did, googled everything about the event haha!

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