Making California Feel Like Fall

Making California Feel Like Fall

For all my California friends, you know it’s hot for a lot of the year. I lived here all my life and get sad we don’t experience the seasons like other places do. Making California feel like fall can be a challenge. It’s cold in the mornings but then hot by the afternoon. We don’t have the streets lined with leaves and small town traditions.

But regardless, I love fall and I am always determined to make it feel like it. I already have my fall fashion must haves. So I want to make sure life feels cozy as well. Here’s some simple things I do to enjoy fall to the fullest.

Candles, Of Course

Candles will forever be my go to thing to make anything smell like something great. Anyways, I bought seriously pumpkin, spice, any fall smelling candle I could find. This just makes me feel cozy and my room becomes extra magical. It makes me cuddle up and read a book. All I need is fake rain sounds.

Start a Tradition

I love traditions. Specially heading into the last months of the year, traditions are big. Going to a pumpkin patch can be one of the easiest things. There’s a town in Orange County that has a fair and parade the first week of October and it’s the most fall thing ever. It brings out all those small town vibes and feels like we have a season.

Slowly Transition Your Closet

I get it, it’s still sort of hot. But start switching your closet to those pieces you will use once it starts getting chilly. I’m a huge fun of beanies and berets so I’m going to start using them. I tend to pile on smaller sweaters and wear my boots. This also helps to see what you need for when it really does start getting cold!

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What are some ways you do during fall?

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