Love Language Gift Guide

Love Language Gift Guide

There are 5 different love languages; physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, and acts of service. Even if you don’t realize it, everyone has a love language. With the holidays, this gets tricky because gift giving is such a big part of it. So here is a love language gift guide.

For me, I realized that I really don’t want physical gifts, but I love giving them. I find receiving gifts awkward and I usually end up buying things for myself. So I love the idea of someone stopping and giving me something that like an experience or a memory. Giving someone something they can actually enjoy is really important. P.S. Take the quiz to find out what’s yours here.

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Physical Touch

People whose love language is physical touch thrive on things like a simple pat in the back or holding hands. I love hugs. If someone gave me one, I’m happy. Don’t take this too far, but make sure someone feels loves with simple touches here and there. P.S. Make sure first that this is for sure their love language or you’ll be in for an awkward time.

Quality Time

If someone’s love language is quality time, it simply means they prefer spending time with you, no matter what. I’m actually surprised this wasn’t my top one when I took the quiz. This is my favorite. For those who prefer quality time, give them a chance to hang out. Take them to a museum a new place to explore, the best gift for them is just to spend time with you. Even if it means just hanging out and watching Christmas movies. This sounds like the best time for me,

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Receiving Gifts

For those who love physical gifts, make it extra special by taking your time with it. Don’t give a generic gift card, but make it specific for the person. DIY something put together a care package, find out what they truly like and give it to them. Take time to find out what they’ve been wishing for and give it to them.

Words of Affirmation

Kind words can go a long way and a valid love language. Take a second and write out the kindest words to the person who loves words of affirmation. A genuine card that has caring words for them can mean a lot more. Pour your little heart out to them.

Acts of Service

If acts of service is your love language, it means that you enjoy when someone takes time out of their day to help you. Do something thoughtful like clean up or fix something that has been broken. Take a moment to help them with a hard project. The keyword is “help.” Just do a nice act for them.


Have you ever thought about getting someone a gift according to their love language? What would you get for any of these?

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