Los Angeles + She Rises | Recap

As much as I say I don’t expect things to turn out a certain way, I definitely do. I had a whole idea of my weekend in LA and how the She Rises Conference would turn out, but none of that happened. But what’s wonderful is that it ended up turning even better than I imagined.

Fun fact: I was actually born in Los Angeles but hardly spend any time there. So it was nice to spend some time here and explore, although this particular patch of Hollywood Boulevard is kind of a hot mess.

She Rises is a women’s conference held at the Dolby Theatre. The same theatre where the Oscars are held and our boy Leo won his first Oscar. Cool right? My sister found this conference because Hillsong Young & Free was going to play so I was all game. But once there I realized that I needed this conference so much to refocus my soul.

Holly Wagner is definitely someone I can look up to spiritually and everyone from Louie Giglio to the rest of speakers, spoke amazing words that I really needed to hear and the whole thing was put together so well so there was never a dull moment!

It was still a party with Hillsong Young & Free and those are always the best, come on. Best way to end the night. I’m already 100% set to attend next year! I’m pretty stoked to see what happens then.

It’s kind of funny how I always find Disney in everything. My sister and I ran to Ghirardelli, which was across the street to grab a coffee (literally every other place was packed to the brim) and we got to see the Disneyland star they got when they turned 50! Do you know what’s weird? Walt Disney’s star isn’t even close to it. It’s in a whole different part of the street!

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This side of Hollywood Boulevard houses tons of iconic things like the Chinese Theatre and really random people. There are people who legit ask you to listen to their mixtape, I always thought that was a joke and really random characters to meet. It does end up becoming a bit of a tourist trap and it’s really busy. But sometimes that kind of chaos is fun to watch! So if you want to do a super cliché-y thing in Los Angeles, just take a stroll down this clock of Hollywood Boulevard.


 LA is probably the most famous city in California. Have you ever visited? What’s the best thing you’ve done so far this summer? Also, if you’re in the area next summer, check out the next She Rises conference! It’s going to be amazing!

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