Looking at 2015 Goals and Resolutions

Coming into this year, I know that it would have a lot of challenges. A lot of my life was going to change and I would have to accept whatever came at me. I started off with a lot of momentum and I feel like I had the biggest ups and downs so I kind of wore down towards the end. But I’m going to look back at 2015 as a year with a lot of big moments and emotions. I’m going to look over the goals and resolutions I made for myself this year and see how much I accomplished! We all know resolutions kind of stick or don’t so I won’t beat myself up too much for not accomplishing something.


[] Focus More on Fashion/Style Posts: My blog completely shifted this year into lifestyle/a&e but don’t get me wrong, maybe one day I’ll do fashion posts. This year wasn’t it.
[X] Be Consistent: This was a little touch and go for a while but I can say that this year has been my most consistent year of posting. YAY.
[X] Create Rich Content: My music reviews and do’s and don’t have been shared all over and I realized what my audiences really wants to read.
[] Stay On Top of my Youtube Game: FAIL. Since I fell off the beauty wagon, I tried doing Disney vlogs but I forget to film, but I should go back to it!
[X] Increase My Following On Social Media: I’m finally at a point where I don’t have to check my numbers and that feels so good. It was a good year in social media.


[X] Graduate College Proud & Not Be Afraid of the Future: Well I did graduate college, so hooray for that. I’m not necessarily afraid of the future but I may have an existential crisis every once in a while.
[X] Be 22 and Sing to Taylor Swift Loudly: I like things easy. I obviously was going to turn 22 but hey, I did it. I did play, Taylor and I feel shame.
[] Erase (All) Pictures from My Phone Each Month: LOL. If anything I have taken more pictures than ever and I’m a picture hoarder.
[X] Become Spiritually Stronger: I have focused a lot more with my relationship with God but I know that there’s so much more room for improvement.
[] Go To More Live Shows: Sigh, I have only been to a couple this year, so I need to focus on this next year.
[] Discover the Downtowns of Local Cities and Just Read: Another sigh, I sadly don’t have time to sit aimlessly. One can dream for a better day.

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What are some things that you set for yourself that you accomplished? Did you fail on some things like me? No shame in that! Let me know if this year’s goals were harder or easier than you imagined!

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