Look at 2016 Goals and Resolutions

It’s safe to say no one expected this year to turn out the way it did. I want to say I didn’t go into it with expectations but I kind of did. It was definitely a different year. My 2016 resolutions were fairly simple because I didn’t want to get too crazy. Some things happened, while other things didn’t. So let’s take a look back.


  • Get fit: This one is weird because I went through phases where I ate really clean and worked out, but phases were I didn’t. I am not fit, but I’m definitely more aware of it.
  • Learn or take on a new hobby: Yes and no. I started hand-lettering back didn’t have time. So I kind of failed.
  • Be joyful and enjoy every moment: My word of the year. More on this in another post.
  • Just do: Again, this is a yes and no. I started my side blog and I decided to go to WDW, but besides that, I held back on things.
  • Live Simply: Actually managed to not shop for clothes every 10 seconds, so I call that a win.


  • Stay Consistent: A big win on this. I even went back to my MWF posting. Plus, I consistently kept up on Youtube, as well.
  • Collaborate More: Although I didn’t directly collaborate, I did make more blogger friends which I learned a lot from.
  • Evolve: I brushed up and cleaned up my blog and have a clearer direction for it. It’s now at a place where I can just expand from.
  • Beat My Numbers: Done. I’m glad I got to keep a constant stride with this!


What are some goals you achieved or didn’t achieve this year?

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