Listen: Southlen “Young Hearts” EP

Listen: Southlen “Young Hearts” EP

I still remember it like it was yesterday, the first time I ever heard Southlen was when I heard them live back in 2012 at the One Conference. I still remember when they played “Love Is On The Run” and I just stopped and listened. These guys were fresh and played music that was deep, in a cool modern way and I instantly became a fan.

So it’s been a couple of years since they released XVII, which is crazy to think of because it feels like it was just yesterday, but it was time that we got new Southlen tunes because I was running out of music to blast on my drives.

When the first single “Young Hearts” release, which is also the title of the EP, I was so overjoyed. The song is fun and whimsical, which is something I love about Southlen. The song gives me this weird tinge of hope, like whenever I listen to it I know everything will be okay and I just want to admire everything that’s beautiful in the world.

The rest of the EP is equally amazing. “Wild Love” is currently competing with “Love Is On The Run” for favorite song by them. The piano in the chorus makes me happy and come on, the lyrics are amazing.

“Some say they love, but really can’t prove it. Well my God He showed it. He gave it all, though we don’t deserve it”

Pretty sure I shed a tear after hearing that line.

“Babylon” is the type of song you want to listen to when you want to get down to business and reaffirm your spiritual fighter self. The acoustic sound of “Worn” makes the song so much better. I’m also absolutely obsessed with the use of the colors in the lyrics and the overall message refreshes my tired soul.

Okay while listening to this on repeat I decided that “Can’t Give It Up” is also competing to be my favorite Southlen song. I can’t even explain it but this song has everything. The lyrics are deep. It’s one of those songs that you HAVE to listen to at full volume. The slow-ish rhythm at the start, just makes the chorus stand out in such a cool way. Hearing Brooke Ashley on this track also added an extra pinch of magic to the song. If they play this song live, I would probably cry and then sing my heart out.

P.S. Here are some random fun facts that you need to know about Southlen:

  • They’re now a trio and they are all brothers and hilarious so follow them on Twitter!
  • They’re from California and love Disneyland.
  • iTunes always hates them when they release something. LOL.
  • They have two full-length albums, Loving Life, Living Love and XVII.
  • They’re some of the humblest guys I’ve ever met.

The thing about Southlen is that they deliver both in their musical abilities and in their songwriting, all while having their own unique sound. That is why I’m such a fan because they’re actually good and put in the effort in every aspect of their music. I’m excited to see what they will create next. I’ll know they’ll make it huge and I’ll be seeing them play at Red Rocks one day.

Go listen to them now and check out the Young Hearts EP on iTunes!