Let's Talk: What to Do When Everyone is Moving On

Let’s Talk: What to Do When Everyone is Moving On

I like to hold on to things for as long as I can. Obviously that doesn’t always last and things have to change. It’s honestly a good thing that things change. We may not always decide when that happens so we have to make it work the best we can. They’re opportunities to see how you’ve grown and analyze what you truly want to do next. However, one of the hardest things is seeing everyone around you move forward while you feel stuck. It makes you anxious and you’re trying to figure out how you fit into everything. So here’s what you can do when everyone is moving on.

Don’t Struggle in the Quicksand

I’m sure you’ve seen a movie or a cartoon where someone is stuck in quicksand. They usually sink faster when they panic and try to wiggle out. That’s the first thing that happens to me when I see things changing. I panic and make dumb decisions just because I want to feel like I am doing something productive or also moving forward. But that makes it worse. It’s hard and easier said than done but it’s important to just be calm. We try to jump and make things happen that are the wrong thing. So breathe and be logical.

Be Happy for Them

It’s hard letting friends go and seeing them move on, but be happy for them. I know it’s easy to feel the pang of jealousy or bitterness but that will not help you. Don’t feel like they are abandoning you or moving faster than you. Genuinely be happy for their opportunities. They may have felt the same way at one point and now is there time so support them.

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Everything at its Time

Sometimes this whole season gets harder because we refuse to see how things are changing. Then we find ourselves stuck and anxious. Seasons will always happen in life so don’t dwell and feel like this is forever. Wherever you’re at right now, look at the positive, and look ahead. Don’t just think of getting out of this season but stay proactive and your time will come.

How do you deal with things changing?

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: What to Do When Everyone is Moving On

  • Such a great post, girl. I know for me, I always try to be happy for my friends, but I would be lying if I told you that it can be hard sometimes not to get jealous! But that’s when you have to put a brave face on and be the bigger person.

  • I’m finding it really hard letting go of what used to be. Those old friendships and the people who grew up with us but it feels like it is imposible to hold on forever. Change is inevitable.

  • Firstt… loving the new site! Second, i so feel this! it’s so easy to see everyone going off and doing life, and still feel stuck in my hometown. But it’s also a major motivation to create my own path and find fulfillment in my own way!

  • This is a good post. It’s hard to watch people go on and leave you behind, but sometimes it’s necessary for life!

  • Thank you!
    That’s exactly how I’m feeling! A lot of my friends have moved away and at first I panicked. But it did shake me to actually start doing new things and figure something new for myself instead of wallowing.

  • It’s definitely hard! I find it very bittersweet. Like I’m happy but a little sad. Yes! Being the bigger person is a challenge but it’s the brave thing to do.

  • That’s how I am too. Since music is a big thing for me, even if I love the song I won’t listen to it because it reminds me of the good times that just seem far away now.

  • It’s such a struggle! I always remember people how they used to be but people just naturally change and there’s no stopping that. We just have to make it work.

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