Let's Talk: Unfollowing

Let’s Talk: Unfollowing

Social media is predominant in everyone’s life even if we admit it or not. Followers are a big deal to some. There’s even ways to find out who has unfollowed you. It’s a way of life. But unfollowing someone can bring complications. Some people like high follower counts while others might wonder what went wrong in the relationship. So let’s talk about unfollowing and how it shapes the way we do life now.

Why Do People Unfollow

People unfollow for a lot of reasons. It’s easy to assume it’s all the bad ones like they hate you or something like that. But sometimes, they just don’t relate to your content. I love watching Jade Darmawangsa on YouTube because she talks a lot about why people unfollow. If you’re a blogger or a business, I super recommend her videos. There’s no one reason and that’s why it’s hard to understand why people do it. Which then makes people to take it personally. Nowadays interpersonal relationships depend on social media, sadly. This is why unfollowing someone can be seen as something deeper than it is.

People Don’t Owe You a Follow

I feel like passing out your Instagram account is the new business card. I’ve met people in the last few months who tell me to check out their Instagram. A couple people waited for me to look them up and follow them and I awkwardly pressed follow even though I really didn’t want to. This recently happened again and I tried to change the subject but the person got offended I wouldn’t follow them. People don’t have to follow you online. You can’t force someone to and if they do or don’t shouldn’t have some underlying meaning.

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It’s Okay to Clean Out Your Following List

Ever so often I clean out my following list from all my social media accounts. It’s okay to do so. Sometimes you just want to keep your feed to just your closest friends and family. It can get overwhelming having so many people. Don’t feel like you have to follow someone. It’s your account and it shouldn’t change your relationship with them.

My Thoughts

I was a followers hoarder. There are people in my list that I’d mute instead of just unfollow. But I realized that there’s tons of people I really didn’t know or talk to in a long time, so why keep following? There’s people that I care about but just wasn’t interested in their content. Once I unfollowed people on Instagram it made me excited because I could follow people I was actually interested in. It sounds like you’re breaking relationships but for me, it was a sigh of relief.

What do you think when people unfollow you?

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