Let's Talk: The Now What

Let’s Talk: The Now What

A few months ago I graduated from grad school. Majority of the things people asked me during this time was “what’s next?” I know people meant well but the question ended up giving me anxiety. Figuring out what’s next is never easy. So let’s talk about the now what. As always, I’m talking from my own experience and how I’m working my way through it.

Let’s Talk: The Now What

Summer is always a break for everyone. No matter who you are, you know it’s a chill time and everything is fun. But as it starts winding down, that’s when reality hits. People go back to school, there’s no more holidays to be had, everything gets more serious.

I have a job after graduating grad school but I still had people asking if I was going to apply to other jobs and the future. I was feeling completely fine until I got the “now what?” questions. That’s what made me rethink everything. Should I really apply elsewhere? Should I continue school? I genuinely felt I had it together and would be at peace during the transition period until people kept asking.

For me, this is what made it hard. I get people had great intentions and wanted to know my plans but they were just stressing me out in the end. Then of course there was the whole comparison thing. There were people who would tell me about the people they knew in the same field as me and what they were doing. It made me question everything. I get it, they didn’t mean it to give me anxiety but that’s what these questions produce.

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People are on different journeys and ending a chapter of life is always hard yet exciting. The now what is hard to navigate. Things will always figure themselves out but during that time, it’s hard to see clearly. If you’re not in this phase, just support those who are in noninvasive ways. If you’re in this phase, just know it will be okay. It’s all going to work out.

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