Some see self care as merely getting your nails done and have a pamper day for fun. But self-care is about taking a second for yourself and regrouping. Everyone needs to practice self-care! There are so many reasons that it’s important to incorporate this in our lives because it will give us a time to think and find ourselves. Don’t think that self-care is about being selfish, because it’s really not. Here’s what it is and how you can make it work in your life.

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What is Self-Care?

I know when I’m about to crack and I’m sure you know when you are too. This is the most important thing to note, don’t wait to take care of yourself until you feel you’re about to break. Self-care is about taking care of yourself, however that can look like. It can be as simple as taking a day off and reading a book or something more intense like regularly working out for your health. In short, the act of taking care of yourself. Simple as that.

Be Content

Something I believe is that you should learn to be happy in yourself. No other person should be your sole source of joy. Especially with self-care, it’s important because even if you have amazing people surrounding you, you still have to make sure you are doing things for yourself. This helps self-care to be genuine. I’m the kind of person that goes on shopping sprees when I’m angry and that is not self-care, that’s just me choosing to act out against someone’s actions towards me. Learn to be content with yourself and it will change your perspective.

Find Your Routine

Look, bath bombs are cool but not my thing and that’s okay. For me, I love taking a day, turning on my candles and fairy lights, and read a book. For others, it may be a shopping trip or going out for coffee. It can be anything and that’s what cool about self-care because you know what you like and can treat yourself to it. Find what makes you happy and what relaxes you. Do if often to keep you refreshed!


How do you practice self-care?

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  • My self care mostly looks like resting when I need to rest. Not forcing myself to study when I’m too tired and not making myself workout when I don’t feel up to it.

  • I like that! I feel like sometimes people will tell you to push through the tiredness but it’s better to acknowledge that you’re tired and rest!

  • Self care is so important. I try not to push myself too hard because that ruins my productivity.

  • I love that you touched on how focusing on self-care helps you to be content. It’s so true! Contentment is something that I think we can all work on!

  • LOVE this post and totally agree about self-care being related to contentment. I believe I’m more content when I’m taking care of my emotional, physical and spiritual health. Great post!

  • I need to get better at scheduling me time. I feel I’m constantly around other people or not satisfied. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  • I definitely need some self care – I feel like I’ve been on the edge for awhile. I actually treated myself to my first professional massage last week, which was awesome.

  • Love this post! Self care for me is going for a walk to the beach then just relaxing without my phone!