Let's Talk: FOMO is a Thing

Let’s Talk: FOMO is a Thing

I took a break from Instagram and it was the wildest thing. Not just stopped posting but completely logged off the app. It seemed like an easy thing. I already don’t post everyday so what really was I missing? Well 24 hours passed and I was low key miserable. It sounds stupid because it is but I was wondering what everyone was up to. But it all came down to this, I was afraid I was going to miss something big and I realized FOMO is a thing.

I always thought I was above the whole FOMO thing. But I soon realized that I just wanted to be in the know and felt like I would be missing so much with this break. Why is this a thing honestly? But it made me realize that taking a break from Instagram was a good thing. So let’s talk about FOMO.

What is FOMO

FOMO stands for the fear of missing out. That’s it. It’s just the feeling that you will be missing out on something. It’s like getting invited to go out with friends but having to stay in and study and feeling like you’re missing everything. FOMO is there and we feel like we’re missing the things that are important. But think about it, are we really missing out on truly dire things?

Why Is This Happening

Again, I think social media has a big part to play in why this feeling has become a thing. We share everything and we see everything others do. We see people do cool things and wonder if we should do it too. For Instagram I wondered if I was missing someone’s big moment. But sitting back I just realized how ridiculous that is. We don’t have to be part of everything, yet we want to be.

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Sometimes we say yes to things we shouldn’t say yes to because we simply fear we’ll be missing something. It’s important for us to step back in general and realize that life will continue happening and moments will come and go. It’s important to make the important experiences count than try to feel like we have to be part of everything.

Why do you think FOMO is a thing?

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: FOMO is a Thing

  • Interesting! I was thinking just this morning about how we all seem to search, non-stop, for a place to belong…and maybe we think we’re the only ones who don’t? Maybe FOMO is part of this? Hmm. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Such an interesting topic! I think fomo comes from a place of lack within. Like measuring internal worth by the standards others set forth. And when you can’t see what others are doing it creeps in because people feel unsure how to define or measure themselves

  • I always struggle with FOMO. Especially considering I up and move din July when I got married and I always feel like I’m missing something. I don’t see my friends as much and I have yet to make any real connections where I live now. So, FOMO is a thing. I think it happens for two reasons: 1. Comparison and social media. We are constantly comparing our lives to those that we see on the internet and so we feel like we’re missing out. 2. Our own desire to be loved and appreciated. When we struggle with loving ourselves or feeling like we are loved, we began to wonder if our life is “good enough.”

  • You’re so right – we don’t have to be part of everything. There’s so much freedom in that knowledge. I’ve been realizing lately how I don’t want to know everything about everyone on social media. I want to be engaged with my close friends and be able to pour into them, instead of comparing myself to everyone on the Internet!

  • I love your perspective! I have FOMO a lot less as I get older, have the kids and my hubby to focus on, but its a real thing!

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