Let’s Give Thanks

I’m not going to lie, I tend to gloss over Thanksgiving and start thinking about Christmas right away. Actually, I listen to music all year-long so I’m always in Christmas mode. But between the stuffing and endless amounts of pecan pie, I will consume, I will not forget to give thanks to God for all He’s done. Thanksgiving is so perfect because you can kind of see the year in review and everything that has happened. It’s a much better time to stop and give thanks, than make resolutions you will break. So I’m going to share a few things that I know have blessed me and can make me stop to reflect on my life.

This year has been hard for my family and me. A lot of things have come our way that has tested our faith and although not everything has been resolved, I’m thankful for my family and the way we stick together in the toughest times. Obviously, we go through the regular pains of getting annoyed with each other and the typical family conflict, but I’m so glad I have them because I wouldn’t want any other people.

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When I was younger, I was really quiet and never asked to do anything because I had this weird sense that I couldn’t do anything. Now that I’m older I realized that those fears are irrational and I’m thankful for freedom. If I want to go to Disneyland everyday of my life or binge watch The Office yet again, I’m glad I have the freedom to do it. So many people don’t have simple pleasures, so I’m grateful that I even have the chance to do things on a whim.

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Since graduating college I found my old love, sleep. I’m actually still sleep deprived because nights are where all my good thoughts happen, but at least now I don’t feel like I forcefully have to stay up to finish my 50-page thesis. Still scarred from Media Crit. It might also seem random that I’m thankful for sleep, but why not? Think of all those who work graveyard shifts or don’t have a bed to sleep in. So I’m thankful for sleep, I promise not to neglect you anymore.

Last and never least, I’m always thankful for my relationship with God. I’m not one to post what I’m doing like all my devotionals, when I’m fasting, etc. just because I want to be doing them for me and not feel like I’m trying to seem perfect because I am far from it. Words can’t really express my thanks to God. I’m horrible and I mess up 99% of the time, yet He still waits for me and starts all over again. I can never get over that. How can this perfect love exist? Thank God, nothing I do can ever repay you for the greatness You are and thank you for choosing a spec like me.


So what are you thankful for? It can be big or little but if it makes you happy and makes a difference in your life, it is truly something to cherish.

Random things I’m thankful for Coffee, dusk, Disneyland, blogging friends, having a job, good music, good hair and makeup days.

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