Just As You Are

Just As You Are

With phrases like “Be Yourself” constantly thrown around, we have grown jaded to the idea of going out of our way to truly be ourselves. Last year I did the No Heat Summer Challenge, where I avoided applying heat to my hair, and I was set on doing it again this year but I felt like I needed to have more of a purpose.

As I was mulling over the idea, I remembered that my university had done a week called “Just As You Are,” where the freshman girls went a week learning about their self-worth in God. I decided to borrow that idea and make it into a series we can all follow along to. The challenge for Just As You Are (#JAYA, you know you want to hashtag it), is to get rid of any distractions we carry, ex// makeup and vanity, technology, etc. you name it, in order to realize that we are worthy because of Our Creator and not by the material things we own or the comments of others.

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God created us and what He creates perfection. Psalms 134:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” It’s a beautiful verse and we love to throw it around, but how many of us truly believe it? Not going to lie, I’m pretty insecure and self-conscious, I read this verse and love it but there’s something still hindering me from believing it for myself. Think about it, we’re so busy trying to gain worthiness through social media and acceptance of others, but Jesus died for us, sinners and broken, not because we pretended to have it all together.

In theory, material things are not harmless, but the obsession over them is what gets dangerous. The main thing I want for #JAYA is to go all natural, no makeup, no heat on the hair, and/or whatever you feel is consuming you. If you feel other things are distracting you and not allowing you to acknowledge your true self, then for this series, let that go.

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Personally, I am reducing my focus on beauty. Coming from my insecurity, I pile on my makeup because I feel like that is the only way I feel decent, even though I’m more comfortable with a bare face, but you know, society isn’t to keen on thinking that’s the norm. Makeup isn’t everything and it doesn’t define me and neither does the likes on a picture on Instagram.

Throughout this series, I will be sharing my own struggles and through the Word, provide posts that can help you dig deeper to see that God still loves you, regardless of your past, your vices, and whatever you feel is your weak point.

So take the #JAYA challenge with me. Whatever you feel is hindering you from truly being who you are and accepting God’s unconditional love, let it go. It may be tough, but it will be worth it.

If you’re joining me on this challenge, let me know! Tag your posts with #JAYA so I can follow your journey. I sincerely hope we can all grow together and realize how we don’t need smoke and mirrors to be accepted and God is love.

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