June in Review | '18

June in Review | ’18

Guys, it’s going to be July already! Should I start buying fall candles? I have so many questions. Once the 4th of July passes, I tend to switch into fall mode. Which is dumb since I live in California and summer lasts forever. Anyway, here’s June in review!


– Guys, jumpsuits are life. How have I missed this trend? It’s become all I wear now. Fun fact: Some of my favorites have been from Target. They’re so cute and comfy!

– I haven’t worn hoop earrings since I was a kid but they’re making a comeback. They definitely make me feel a bit more dressed up than I usually am.


– I’ve been loving Un Corazon lately! I’ve heard them before but I’m currently falling in love with their music again and they came out with a new album, Hola, Futuro. It’s amazing!

– I know this is more sports related but I’m loving watching the World Cup! It’s so stressing but so great seeing people all bond together over it!


– I’m trying to get out of a writing funk. It’s been a rough journey trying to get back on the blog full force. Praying I get there!

– Because your girl is dumb, I took my cartilage earring off right after my healing period was done and it closed up. Now, I’m debating if I should get it done again. Thoughts on re-piercing/pain level?

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– I’m not a photographer but I like aesthetically pleasing things. Currently loving this account on Instagram where it’s Wes Anderson inspired shots!

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