January in Review

January in Review | ’17 + Survey & Giveaway

If you followed me last year then you are familiar with my At the Moment series. It was a monthly post where I recapped the happenings of the month. However, it felt a bit disjointed at times. So this year I changed the name to a Month in Review and giving it a more structured format. I’ll be going through 4 different sections and giving you my favorites and current tidbits! Let’s kick this off!


– I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I love the Too Faced Hangover RX primer. I just bought another tube and I don’t think I’ll be switching out of it.

– I decided to stop dyeing my hair and let it grow out. Let’s see how long this lasts.


– I’m still watching cheesy Christmas movies. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

– I’m currently so in love with the song “Glorious Things” by John Mark McMillan and Sarah Mark McMillan. So good.


– As always, I’ve focused on my relationship with God. It’s definitely a priority.

– I started this month off with a cold, so I’m definitely looking forward to being healthy.

Around the Web

– I’m super late to the party but I just discovered Christen Dominique on YouTube and I’m loving her videos! I need to step up my makeup skills.

– Another I’ve been loving is VAGABOND YOUTH. I absolutely love her style!


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What were your favorite things this month?

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