Is MoviePass Worth It?

Is MoviePass Worth It?

Going to the movies has gotten more expensive than before. In comes in MoviePass. MoviePass is a subscription service where you pay $9.95 and can watch a movie each day in the theater. It sounds like a dream for movie goers. But is MoviePass worth it? Here are some pros and cons from my experience. I just want to point out that I don’t hate MoviePass, I think it’s great. But there are more cons than pros.


  • For $10 a month you can see movies at the theater every day. That’s the best thing about MoviePass.
  • It pays itself off. A movie ticket is more than $10 so even if you just see one movie, you’ll be good. But obviously, go see more to make the most of it.
  • Available in a lot of theaters. I live in Southern California and majority of the theaters accept it. But double check your area!


  • You can’t reserve tickets in advance and you have to be close to the theater to reserve a ticket. I get why since there are people paying tickets through the theater so its a toss up to see if a movie is full until you’re near the theater. 
  • You can’t rewatch a movie you’ve already watched. This is new but let’s say you see Infinity War with your MoviePass, you can’t see it again even on a different day. This can be annoying if there’s no new releases that interest you.
  • If you cancel, you can’t sign up again for another 9 months.
  • The ticket verification process is just another added step where you have to take a picture of your ticket stub which can be inconvenient if you easily misplace them like me.
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I actually really love the idea of MoviePass and will continue to use it. I feel like the cons are easily things you just have to get the hang of. However, not being able to rewatch a movie takes the fun out of it.

Do you use MoviePass? What are your thoughts on it?

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