Is a Personal Trainer Worth It?

Is a Personal Trainer Worth It?

Fitness journeys look different for everyone. That’s what makes it fun because everyone has their own way of doing things. One of the interesting things in the fitness world is personal trainers. The idea of them is great. But is a personal trainer worth it?

I’ll be speaking from my own experience and talking about how it’s helped me and some things I have heard from my trainers. But if you have more questions, reach out to trainers in your gym!

Why Do You Think You Need One?

I think this is the most important thing. I wanted one because I was a complete newbie and had no idea what I was doing. My current trainer has clients that are older and only want a trainer to watch them because they generally know what they’re doing. Fully think about why you need one. I wanted one because I’d rather have them teach me the right way to do things off the bat. But there’s others want it because they just want to try something new. So really think about it because you’ll be working out in the way they want you to, which leads to my next point.

Trainers Have Their Own Style

I’ve had three trainers since I started. The first one was a guy that I had as a free trial at my college gym. He ways great but also new to the job but he was really big on machines and had a consistent routine. My second trainer was less focused on machines and geared me to dumbbells, ropes, and on the turf. She was also much more intense but still great. My current trainer is all about working the core. She’s much more organized and usually goes above and beyond and has a calendar for me to do everyday, which is nice because she doesn’t have to do that.

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Each of them have different strengths and things they like to focus on. Finding the perfect trainer can be a lot of trail and error. You may have to ask for a free session first to find if their style compliments your own workout style before you finally pick one.

The Expense

Having a trainer is an extra cost than just having a gym membership. I lucked out that my first trainer was free as part of my school gym and my second one was discounted for signing up with my gym. My current trainer I did pay the set price (in payments) but after my experience I saw it was worth it for me.

Final Thoughts

I personally love having a trainer because I honestly don’t know my way around the gym and I’m too awkward to try to figure things out. I also don’t push myself as much when I’m alone. It’s a great way to keep accountability and push yourself in new levels.

Have you every had a personal trainer? Is it something you will try?

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