iPad and Apple Pencil Review

iPad and Apple Pencil Review

Need to know if you should upgrade or splurge on the iPad and the Apple Pencil? Here's my iPad and Apple Pencil review to help.

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I am an Apple girl through and through. I’ve even reviewed my Apple Watch before. However, iPads were always the last thing that interested me. For the last few years, I’ve had an iPad Mini that my sister passed on to me. But that got a huge crack and although I dealt with it for a while, I decided to upgrade. I started doodling a lot more which meant I was using my iPad Mini more. Then I realized how hard it is to draw with my finger. I decided to get the classic iPad and an Apple Pencil to see how it worked. After about a month of using it, here’s my iPad and Apple Pencil review.

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I got the 32GB Wi-Fi iPad in space gray. This is not the Mini nor Pro, just the regular iPad. Here are the details. This is a 9.7 inch iPad that also comes in silver and rose gold. There are also options to get 128GB and cellular. It has an A10 Fusion Chip for speed. It also has the capability to multitask. Which means you can use different apps at once much easier. This iPad is also Augmented Reality (AR) technologies which creates a whole new stream to explore. The 8mp camera shoots 1080p HD video. It also allows you to scan and create anything using AR. With 10 hours of battery life and retina display, it’s easier to use than ever. There is an option to connect a Bluetooth keyboard making it a little laptop. This model allows for Touch ID to unlock and use Apple Pay. It’s a well-rounded iPad with up-to-date features and iOS.

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This iPad is a bigger size than I’m used to but it was a good adjustment. My iPad Mini had less than 20GB so 32GB works really well for me. It’s more of a manageable size compared to the iPad Pro. Also, Apple made it really easy to set it up out of the box by allowing you to scan your phone which transfers your Apple ID over. The display is beautiful and the colors are really vibrant compared to my old iPad Mini. It is pretty fast and I haven’t had any issues so far with space or it crashing. Overall, it’s an amazing iPad and if you can do with these features it’s more affordable to get than the Pro and Mini. I will say that iPads (and tablets in general) for me aren’t a must. So you could easily do without it and stick with a laptop and phone. But if you want to take notes and such, this iPad is definitely one to invest in.

iPad and Apple Pencil Review

Apple Pencil


I got the first generation Apple Pencil which only comes in white. It’s really important to check out the specifications since the second generation isn’t compatible with older iPad models. It’s 6.92 inches long and weighs .73 ounces. The Apple Pencil connects to the iPad through Bluetooth and charges through the lightning connector. It also comes with an extra tip which is really handy.


I actually loved the Apple Pencil. But it’s something you can do without unless you’re using it specifically for something. You do have to ask Siri to check on the battery or just plug it into the port. I also find that I have to reconnect mine every time I turn off my iPad. But it’s comfortable to hold and the tip is fine enough to create slim lines to wider ones. Again, as much as it is great, I would only recommend getting it if it’s something you will genuinely have a use for.

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Do you agree with my iPad and Apple Pencil review? Have you tried them out?

P.S. If you’re a student, take advantage of Apple’s student discounts.

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  • Amazing review!! I’ve been wanting to buy myself an iPad to take notes, but idk, maybe my laptop would be enough. It’s just that iPads are easier to transport!

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