I Can't Give You a Quotable Line But I Can Share the Gospel

I Can’t Give You a Quotable Line But I Can Share the Gospel

We all know this, social media always shows us the best sides of people. If you’re a Christian, you probably follow a lot of accounts of amazing people who post things that are retweetable. It isn’t a bad thing. Let me just say, I’m speaking from a personal place. I love writing but I can’t give you a quotable line but I can share the gospel. Let me explain how I’m feeling.

Don’t Pressure Yourself for the Likes if it Won’t Help You or Anyone

People love things that will inspire them. I know I do. I listen to messages throughout the day so I can feel focused on the Word. But sometimes I feel like there are people on Twitter that just post really basic inspirational things to get retweets. Sometimes people post things that aren’t even theologically correct and people will retweet it.

But my whole point is that sometimes as a blogger, I feel pressured to post a verse or something positive even when I don’t feel like it. I can’t compose a sentence that will change your life but I can share how God is moving in my life. One-liners are great but the pureness of the Gospel and how God is moving always stands out more to me. If you’ve read my faith posts, you would know that I share what God is teaching me. I don’t want to fall into a whole just to post something that is shareable but something that will truly dig deep.

This isn’t an attack on anyone but it’s how I’m feeling pressure on myself. I want to be honest and show all sides of my spiritual life and not force myself to be an amazing Christian when I’m struggling.

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P.S. God loves you. Feel free to message me anytime with questions or if you simply need someone to talk to. I’m always here!

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