How to Stay Motivated in the Hustle

How to Stay Motivated in the Hustle

Whenever something is new, it’s so easy to be excited and have all the energy. It’s also important to figure out how to stay motivated in the hustle. But eventually the honeymoon phase passes so it’s important to keep focused! Here’s my tips.

How to Stay Motivated in the Hustle

Change the Scenery

Whether this means just going out for a walk or taking your work elsewhere, changing the scenery works. I started doing work at different coffee shops, which people do and trust me it’s amazing. One: coffee is great but two: you see tons of different people and places and helps to get inspired. But you can also just take a break from your space and look at new places just for fun.

Watch Who You Talk To

This will go both ways. One: there will always be people who are negative. Sometimes it’s people you know. Share info but don’t overshare and make sure to take the positive and ignore the negative. Two: There are people that can provide great insight. Learn to discern who is giving good advice from those who aren’t.

Take a Break

I feel like people find this counterproductive when you’re starting because they thing the hustle is working 24/7. Which it can be. But you also need to refuel because otherwise you’ll get burned out. Most people stop all together because they lose the joy in what they’re doing. So make sure to take a break, even if it’s just one day to make sure you’re good.

What are some of your favorite ways to stay motivated?

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