How to Save & Make Extra Money

How to Save & Make Extra Money

Money is always a stressor when bills come into play. Here's How to Save & Make Extra Money to keep you on track with your bills.

So a long time ago in my college years, I was super irresponsible with money. This led me to get some credit card debt and still have my student loans to pay off. On the good side of things, I’m finally in a place where I have it under control and paying things off much faster so it’s great. But it’s taken a lot of trial and error and stress to figure out what works. Here’s how to save & make extra money.


This is probably my favorite Chrome Extension. Honey looks up coupons on any online store and applies them for you while online shopping. It also gives you cash back. It’s super easy to use and you can redeem your cash back for great gift cards to popular stores. Plus, I find it easier/faster to reach the redeemable goal. Check out my referral link and sign up here.


I recently started using Ebates. It’s mainly focused on getting cash back from different online stores. What I like about it is that different stores have different cash back percentages, so some are worth it. Since I got it in december and haven’t shopped too much, I have yet to try their redeem options. Check out my referral link and sign up here.

How to Save & Make Extra Money


If you are a college student, you need this! Unidays gives you coupon codes for a lot of popular stores and other deals. To be able to sign up, you do need an .edu email. However, it’s amazing! I tend to pick stores that have coupon codes on there. This is my go to. Check it out here.

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Snowball Method

I’ve talked about the snowball method before and that’s because it works. Basically it’s paying more into the lowest bill and the minimum in the others to pay if off faster. Once you do, you move on to the next bill and give higher amounts. It helps so much to reduce debts much faster!


I love having a savings account. Usually I just had my bank round up from my purchases and put it in my savings account. However, I started pushing myself to put 10% from my paycheck in my savings account. It’s hard but it’s helping me not to overspend and also gives me something for emergencies.

What are your tips to save & make extra money?

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