How to Prepare to Fly Internationally

How to Prepare to Fly Internationally

Traveling is a fun adventure and discovering new places. Here's how to prepare to fly international and some tips to make it smooth.

I’m a huge planner. Partially because I overthink everything. Traveling is always fun but brings a lot of stress. Flying international brings its own kind of anxieties. Going to a new country is an adventure but you have to be prepared for all that goes into it. Every country and trip have their own rules or ways to go about it. Here’s how to prepare to fly internationally. Drop some of your own tips in the comments!

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Research, Research, Research

This is common sense yet I’ve seen people try to take full-size liquids through TSA. Make sure to research everything as much as you can. I feel like there is so much to say about this. It’s fun to be spontaneous and do things on a whim. But researching will help so you aren’t emptying your luggage at TSA or paying a fine in a different country.

Here are some things to look into when traveling oversees:
  • Best airlines for international travel. Just because you like them domestic does not mean it’s the same for international. Also, TripAdvisor actually features people reviewing actual flights (ex// LAX to NYC on a specific airline) which are very helpful.
  • Check if you need a visa for the country you’re going to, especially since it might take a while to process.
  • Also, check if that country requires any medical clearance or any shots before entering.
  • Figure out wi-fi/international plans. For example, I can’t use a sim card because I am still paying off my phone and it’s locked. It helped me plan ahead in that aspect.
  • Look up what you have to declare when you get to the country you’re going to. Each has different rules so just because it was fine in one place, doesn’t mean it will be fine in the other.
  • Use the app Hopper or the site SkyScanner to help you find the cheapest flights. They actually show you the cheapest times to travel and you can set up alerts.
  • Money, money, money. Make sure you understand the conversation rate, see if your cards have fees if you use it in a different country, and make sure to have local cash on hand.
  • Power adapters are not created equally. Things like hair dryers need a specific adapter due to voltage.
  • Check the time difference because you will deal with jetlag and this will help your first day there. Especially if you have plans that day already.
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Set Money Aside for Documents

From passport to visas, always make sure to set some money aside for important documents you need to travel with. Documents are some of the most important things you need because it will help you get in and out of the country. Even if you get them before you leave, save some extra in case something gets lost and you need to get something immediately. Bonus: Make copies of all these important documents as backup.

How to Prepare to Fly Internationally

Start the Packing Process Little By Little

I’m heading to Australia this year but not until July. This helped me to start preparing. Since Australia will be cold in July, I bought most of my winter things early on since the US was still in winter. I was able to get the things I needed easier since it’s summer in the US in July but also I wasn’t spending a lot of money at a time. Make a list of all you plan to take and buy things little by little. Then you can start figuring out if you’re taking a carry-on or checking in luggage because you can see what you’re taking beforehand.

Understand the Country’s Customs

Again, this seems kind of common sense but people seem to forget. Different countries have different ways of doing things. Learn basic things in different languages. This also goes back to researching, but see if they have any rules on basic things like clothing. For example, religious sites are huge for only allowing modest clothing. But just learn things to be respectable in the country you’re visiting.

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Here are just some basic tips on how to prepare to fly internationally. Visiting a different country for fun is a privilege so enjoy it but also travel smart! I’ll have more travel posts after I come back from Australia.

What are your tips to traveling international?

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