How to Prepare for Taxes as a Blogger

How to Prepare for Taxes as a Blogger

I am not a professional so please consult with one to see if some things apply to you.

This is my second year filing taxes as a blogger and it’s still really overwhelming. Even just filing regular taxes is so huge and scary. Earning money from blogging is great but there’s a lot of people who don’t know how to do taxes when the time comes. For example, I still have a full time job so I have my regular income and my blog income so I had to figure that out. Here’s how to prepare for taxes as a blogger to help you out.

Track Everything

Probably the most obvious thing, but just in case, track everything. Hosting expenses, mileage, anything relating to keeping your blog going, just track it. It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. When I first filed, there was things I realized I can deduct like my work space but also tracked my mileage but decided not to include it because I was horrible at tracking it.

QuickBooks is Your Friend

This isn’t sponsored (sponsor me though) but Self-Employed QuickBooks was a lifesaver for me. Since I do still have a full time job and do quite a bit of personal shopping, this helped to separate where things where for. I would track my blog income and blog expenses all on here AND during tax filing I used TurboTax and it easily transferred over what I had saved.

Talk to Your Networks

Don’t forget to reach out to the networks or brands you have worked with for any tax documents they can provide. For example, I work with Linqia and TapInfluence regularly, so they provide 1099 once you have made a certain amount. Make sure to reach out to them and see what documents they can provide.

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Ask Questions

I like to have all bases covered so I upgraded my TurboTax to include live chat (again not sponsored but I genuinely love it) but also asked professionals so many questions. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to filing taxes. Head to your local H & R Block even and ask in person. Make sure to ask questions because it’s better to do it right.

What are some things you wish you knew about tax season as a blogger? If you’ve filed before, what are your best tips?

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