How to Make a Blog Comeback

How to Make a Blog Comeback

I finished grad school in May of this year and before that, life was busy. The blog took a backseat and I only posted when I could quickly whip something up. When life settled down a bit, I was ready to jump back in. But there were some setbacks. Here’s how to make a blog comeback! It’s always a challenge to get back into the swing of things but it’s possible.

Slow and Steady

The first thing people want to do is write a bunch of posts and have them up as soon as possible. Once you get your energy back you want to run back into it. But stick to a schedule. Even if it means posting once or twice a week, it’s better to create a good post than just upload. Your blog will always be there so don’t feel like you have to be at the pace you were at before.

Read Other Blogs

Like other things, blogging goes through trends. Read other blogs and connect with other bloggers. See what kind of posts people are reading an just enjoy blogging as a reader. It’s fun seeing other bloggers and what’s new around the internet. There’s so much content out there that it helps to see how you fit into all of it.

Be Honest

It’s possible that you lost readers. It’s possible that your old content isn’t what you want to write anymore. Breaks can be helpful to rethink everything. Not everything is going to work. So just enjoy the process and see what’s new and what can work this time around.

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What are your tips for coming back to blogging after a break?

It’s been a while but I have other blog tips here!

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