Let's Talk: How to Love on Difficult People

Let’s Talk: How to Love on Difficult People

Imagine you work at a restaurant and you have to serve a rude customer all with a smile on your face. Seems so annoying, doesn’t it? We can’t control people and how they react. It’s hard though because you hope that everyone you encounter is nice and everything is peaceful. But sometimes it doesn’t happen and you need to muster up every kindness in your heart to interact.

I know I’m not perfect and I’ve been at both ends of this. This is something I’m learning to do for myself. So let’s talk about how to love on difficult people. Everyone needs grace so we have to put it into practice.

Why You Should Be the Bigger Person

One of the reasons we don’t want to deal with difficult people is because we think they deserve what ever is coming to them and just want to see it happen from afar. Being the bigger person will always be hard but it’s worth it. You will know that you didn’t reduce yourself to a low level but you never know who just needs someone to be nice. Which leads to my next point.

The Bigger Picture

We will never know why people are the way they are. Someone can just be grumpy but someone else can be having a bad day because something hard happened. We will never know. That’s something we need to be aware of when dealing with people in general. Yes, someone can be rude but if we are rude back, we don’t know if we’re adding more fuel to the fire. People will never act the way we want them to and we don’t know their life so all we can do is treat them well and hope for the best.

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Kindness Will Not Cost Anything

It’s so easy to be petty. But it’s so easy to be nice too. I’ve gotten in the habit of making sure to analyze what I’m saying. Being nice won’t make you seem weak or make you lose in a situation. In the long run, you won’t feel the guilt of being mean in return but you never know if your kindness helped change that person’s mood that day. Being nice costs nothing and it’s better for both sides.

What’s your best way to show kindness to people?

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