How to Get Ready for Summer

How to Get Ready for Summer

I was provided Harry’s product but all my opinions are my own.

Summer is among us and as the temperature starts to rise, there is tons of ways we can get ready for it. We may think that it’s just switching out our closet and putting our sweaters away but there’s so much else you could do. So make sure to take care of everything with these helpful tips! Here’s how to get ready for summer.

Sunscreen Makeup

It gets hot, we all know that. Everyone wants to rush to get waterproof makeup, but make sure your makeup has some SPF or ingredients that will protect your skin from the harsh sun. Trust me, I hate makeup that melts in the sun, but make sure to get things to protect your skin too! Take care of yourself. I’m a weird person who loves sunscreen and the smell of it, so I’m stocking up.

Smooth Skin, Check

Get your legs or your face ready with Harry’s shaving set. Smooth skin is an absolute must for the summer! Thankfully Harry’s has a trial so you can try their Truman set (including a travel sized shaving gel and blade cover) and all you have to do is cover shipping! I’ve been using this for the last month and I’ve seen a difference compared to my last razor.

No Heat Summer

Every summer I stop applying heat on my hair (only for special occasions) so I can let my hair be its natural self. This gives my hair a break plus, why use a hot tool when it’s already hot outside! I usually get products that help my hair during this time and let my natural waves shine.

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Out With the Old

I know spring cleaning is a thing but I feel like deep cleaning during every season is important, especially during summer. I feel like summer tends to linger longer, I do live in sunny California after all. Get rid of everything you genuinely don’t need from clothes to makeup. Make sure to start off fresh!


What are some ways you prepare for summer?

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