How To Do a No Buy Month

How To Do a No Buy Month

I’m the kind of person that when my paycheck hits, I get a little crazy. I justify every purchase with a really dumb excuse.

Do I need an eye shadow pallete? No, but I didn’t buy one last month, I really deserve it.

That’s my mentality. It’s a psycho one. I seriously just buy things for the sake of buying things. I became SephoraVIB just after a short 3 months of starting my makeup journey, that’s $350 worth of stuff for my face. Am I irresponsible? Maybe. I always say I’m going to save money but then I get tempted by pretty things and then I don’t. So I’m putting on my big girl pants and finally doing it. I feel like blogging is just accountability for me.

No buy months seem like a simple challenge and it is, you just need to have the right mentality to go through with it. The purpose of a no buy month is to limit what you spend and how much you spend on certain things. There’s obviously always going to be expenses, but it’s about setting a boundary and limiting where things go and cutting out the non-essentials. So here are some tips on how to do a no buy month!

Prepare and Plan

First, see how low you want to do this. I’m choosing a month, but you can do a week or so. A month is a long time, so make sure to prepare. This is honestly the key point of this whole thing. Pick a month where you know things are not going to be crazy. Ex// Don’t pick a month you’re going on a trip or have a lot of expenses that crowded together.

I love using Mint because I am horrible at having a planner but it’s so cool because you can sync all your accounts and it let’s you make goals and tracks how much you’re spending and measures your current finances vs. your debt. I’ve mentioned Level Money before but it’s such a great app! You also sync your accounts but this let’s you put how much you spend in bills and it will let you know how much you can actually spend per week. If you’re nervous about spending, I think Level Money is your best bet because at least it gives you some wiggle room.

Something you have to do is check your balance! I know it’s hard because you don’t want to see your bank account and where your debt is but the harsh reality will help you see where you need to improve.

Reassess the “little” purchases

Do you really need to buy that expensive coffee latte? When I was in college I would get In-N-Out fries almost everyday. Those little things add up and at the moment don’t seem like much because it’s like $3. If it’s things you can actually live without, skip it. Make your coffee at home and cut out unnecessary little things that you just consume or use at that moment. Little purchases are actually what makes us spend more because we think of them as small amounts but it adds up.

Why do you want to save?

If there’s something big that you should be paying off first, analyze it. If you want to use this month to just save up to have extra cash, go for it! If you want to use it to pay off a debt, do that too! Build the plan to fix your needs. I currently have my horrible student loan and 2 credit cards, so although I’m using this time to save and change my spending habits, I do want to use a chunk to get those way down. Analyze why you want to do this because that would better motivate you! If it’s to splurge on something, pay debts, or just have more financial freedom, set your goal.

What’s in my no buy list?

So what am I planning not to buy this month?

  • Disney Merch

Okay, I actually don’t spend too much on Disney merch, but when I do, I splurge. I’m going to be buying a backpack for my trip to WDW (more on that later) so I will force myself to not buy anything else. I mean, I once bought an expensive blanket just because I was a bit cold. I need to limit this badly.

  • Makeup 

LOL. Probably the one thing I will definitely patrol. I seriously browse Sephora every couple days and see what’s up. I have enough makeup right now to make it work so I will hold off and not buy anything until I’ve used up what I have.

  • Unnecessary Food Purchases

Okay, I do tend to eat out on the weekends, but with this I mean all my trips to Dairy Queen and froyo. Also, including Mickey pretzels and Disney cake pops. I eat so many snacks and treats that stopping will be good for my wallet and my body.


 How do you save money? Is it hard for you to plan out expenses or do you have it locked down? I would love to know! I will be updating at the end of the month with how I did, so don’t forget to follow!