How to Decorate with Stickers

I was provided stickers from Sticker App, but all opinions are my own.

So I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be Pinterest-y. I’m not going to have the all crisp white office with peonies at my desk. I just don’t have the eye for that. But I do love making everything feel like my own, I mean, who doesn’t? So how do I make things feel like my own? Stickers! I’m the kind of weirdo that gets excited when I buy new shoes and it comes with a sticker because I’ll stick them everywhere! I got some stickers from Sticker App from their premade collection and I made my own so now I’m going to town with them.

Stickers are a simple way to add something unique to things, so let me show you how I’m using them!

Laptop/Phone Case

Have you seen the super cool Tumblr pictures of people with laptops covered in stickers? Well I have. I started it out and there’s a whole mess of stickers I got at Disneyland, so with my new stickers I got to add more and make it fun. I always have my laptop and phone with me so it also helps to tell it apart when I’m about and about.


Obviously, don’t stick it directly on your wall. But if you have a cute board (I have a cork one with pictures) it’s really fun to add some accents to it. If you make your own stickers, you can add things like words. Basically a huge scrapbook!


I actually just started using my planner again so I needed something to keep me interested in it. Fun markers and pens can only go so far, so what’s next? Yeah, stickers! If you make your own, you can customize them to special events you know you will have or fun designs to dress them up.

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Who needs boring old’ tape when there are stickers? Plus, they also make great gifts if you customize them for the person receiving them!


Want some stickers? Use “ADRIANA20” over at Sticker App and get 20% off! Your turn! How do you like to decorate?

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5 thoughts on “How to Decorate with Stickers

  • That phone case looks really nice!

    I used to have a whole collection of stickers on my laptop, but now I’m more into clean & simple looks for it.
    I will have to try to personalize some of my phone cases though. Do you add any varnish on top to prevent them from getting unglued on the edges?


  • I don’t but I should! I’ve had one sticker start getting unglued but I took it off instead. The Vans one is lifting but that’s my fault because there was sand haha Thankfully everything else has stuck pretty well.

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